S’more Bites

S’more Bites

When I tell you that this may be THE most ridiculously good dessert that I have made… I am totally not kidding!  These s’more bites are sick…. I mean sick in the good way, not the yucky way!  The best news is that they are not only amazing, they are crazy easy to make – If I can make these ANYONE can!

smore bites - try to eat just one

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  1. 6

    Christine says

    The smores bites are a fantastic idea and they taste great! However, I think the butter should be tablespoons (tbsp) rather than teaspoons (tsp)…the crust didn’t stick together for my first batch. : )

  2. 11

    Sharon Stanley says

    I think it must be tablespoons too. The mixture looked a little dry so I added more butter (9 teaspoons/3 tablespoons) some were dry others stayed together well. I will add more butter next time!

      • 21

        Jennifer Fishkind says

        It should be fine if you make them the night before. I don’t know for sure though because ours barely lasted an hour!!


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