Our easy Valentine’s Day treats are perfect for your kids’ school parties, preschoolers, daycare, and even for adults like teachers and co-workers. Scroll down and click the links for the step-by-step instructions.

Scroll down to check out the 12 best Valentine’s Day desserts you will love to make plus treat boxes and some cute ways to give them. Yep, I’ve hooked you up for February.

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12 Valentine’s Day Treats

What says more “Valentine’s Day” than sweets and treats? Cute Valentine’s Day treats are the ultimate craft and food combo – it’s a fraft! (That’s so fetch – I think it will for sure stick….c’mon it’s a Mean Girls reference!).

Love Valentine’s Day like I do? Then check out these Non-Candy Valentine Treats for School. I had so much fun making them and I think you will too!

1. Heart-Shaped Cookies

Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Cookies Hearts are the perfect easy dessert! Easy to make using pre-made cookie dough or your favorite cookie recipe! These chocolate chip cookie hearts will be your new go-to v-day treat!heart shaped cookie

2. Healthy Valentines Snacks

There are never enough Ideas for healthy Valentine snacks and they are especially hard to find some to bring into your kid’s classrooms. I love the idea of bringing in pre-packaged snacks so you don’t have to worry about allergies and other restrictions.Valentine's Day Love Bug Snack Cup featured image

3. Valentines Sugar Cookies Snack Mix

Valentine’s Snack Mix (made with teeny-tiny Valentine sugar cookies) is an adorable, delicious and easy Valentines treat. We’ve got sweet, salty, popcorn, chocolate and sprinkles all rolled into one! Sugar Cookie Popcorn

4. Oreo Valentines Cookie Recipes

Oreo Valentine’s Cookie Recipes are the trifecta of desserts. They have all of the best things rolled up into one delicious dessert!

Valentine’s Day Desserts

I hope you are enjoying these treats as much as I have enjoyed making them. We are now onto desserts. So get out your baking pans and let’s get inspired by some amazing heart-shaped desserts.

How to do you find fun Valentine’s food ideas?

Wondering how to find Fun Valentine Food Ideas? It’s easy to find Fun Valentine Food Ideas. Especially if you’re looking on my site. Here’s how…

  • Look for the “search” box at the top of my site.
  • Type in what you’re looking for. (i.e. valentines recipes)
  • Voila!

If you’re looking for something generic, feel free to click the toolbar and look for the category. It’s super easy and there are TONS of creative ideas in there.

5. Heart Cake Ideas

There is nothing more adorable to me than heart-shaped cakes. How great is it to get a delicious dessert in the shape of a heart for your Valentine? There are a ton of cute Heart Cake Ideas but here are some of my favorite!heart surprise inside cake for Valentine's Day

Valentine Cake by The Spruce Eats: This is SO smart – just take one round cake pan and one square cake pan. Cut the round in half and put together with frosting! There you go, a heart-shaped cake!!!heart cake made from a square and circle cake

You can find even more heart cake ideas by clicking the links below:

6. Valentine Cake Pops

VALENTINE’S CAKE POPS by Love From the Oven ~ Cakepops are always a huge hit. They are super easy to make (this is a great treat to make with your kids!!)

SWEETHEART VALENTINE POPS ~ Run, don’t walk to Target and scoop up their mini candy canes at 90% off! These are really cute and not hard to make! My kinda treat!

WARM FUZZY CAKE BALLS by Hungry Happenings ~ How cute are these guys??? AND, they have one of my favorite ingredients – COCONUT!!! YUM!Valentine's Day Cake Balls from Hungry Happenings

7. Valentine Cheesecake

CONVERSATION HEART CHEESECAKES by Hungry Happenings ~ No one actually likes the conversation heart candy, but they are so cute! These adorable conversation heart cheesecakes take the cuteness of the conversation hearts, but makes them yummy!!conversation heart cheesecakes by Hungry Happenings

8. Valentine Cupcakes 

Sweetheart Cupcakes make the best valentine’s day cupcake I have seen. You can use your favorite cupcake recipe (even a boxed mix) and then fill it with their delicious maraschino cherry frosting.valentines cupcakes

9. Valentine Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie treats are good for any occasion, but Valentine Rice Krispie Treats are OMG a must make! They are easy and always a fan favorite! Valentine's Rice Krispie Hearts

Rice Krispie Valentine Lollipops by Foodie Crush ~ Like I said, I love anything Rice Krispie treat, but especially LOVE them when they are in the shape of a heart!!Valentines Rice Krispie Lollipops by Foodie Crush

10. Heart-Shaped Brownies

Heart-Shaped Brownies are a super easy Valentine’s Day recipe that doesn’t need to take a lot of time to make (especially when you are using a boxed brownie mix! In our version, we top it with some delicious chocolate ganache. Not to be missed!chocolate brownie hearts with chocolate ganache and strawberries 

11. Healthy Valentine Snacks

Healthy Valentine Snacks are perfect treats for school parties. Here are a few I thought you would enjoy.

HEART MILK CUBES by A Subtle Revelry ~ These heart milk cubes would be so fun to have waiting for your kids when they come to breakfast on Valentine’s morning. They may even enjoy their milk!!Milk ice cube hearts

VALENTINE’S DAY FRUIT KABOBS ~ Always great to have some healthy options! These are super cute and easy to do! (Update:  Featured blogger took down their site so the link no longer works but I know so many of you love this idea so I kept it here for your reference.)


12. Valentine Treat Bags

VALENTINE’S TREAT BAGS (I mean box) by Oh Nuts! ~ What’s a better treat bag than an edible box filled with candy? Oh Nuts does a great tutorial on exactly how to make this – and it actually looks pretty easy!chocolate heart box

How do you wrap Valentine’s Day treats for teachers?

Wondering how to wrap your treats for teachers? It’s easy to wrap Valentine treats for teachers. Especially if you have a free printable that you can quickly print out. {giggle} Here’s how:

  • Find a free printable box or free printable tag
  • Print
  • Cut
  • Attach your yummy treats using ribbon.

I’m sure you’re looking to wrap our treats for teachers, co-workers, and school parties. So here are a few free printable designs you can quickly download and print.

Free Printable Valentine Treat Bags

I am so excited about Valentine’s Day and I am sure you are too! Did I miss any great ideas? I am always looking for new ideas so if I did, please leave me a comment below and maybe it will appear in a future post! 

the cutest Valentine's Treats

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