Tomato Cage Ghosts are a super easy Halloween decoration. You only need 4 materials and 10 minutes for this no-fail DIY Halloween decor!

This project is crazy easy, inexpensive to make, and super cute!

A tomato cage ghost lit up at night
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Easy DIY Halloween Decoration

Tomato Cage Ghosts for Halloween! Such an easy DIY Halloween Decoration! This was one of my very first Pinterest-inspired projects!

We love all things Halloween, but especially our Halloween Spider Cookies, Oreo Witch Hat Cookies and we cannot forget our edible Frankenstein Bowls (made from a balloon mold!)

Tomato Cage Ghosts - easy DIY Halloween decoration

No-Fail Homemadee Halloween Decorations

Let’s just say that I am not really the Martha Stewart type. I love to craft, but a lot of times they are total Pinterest fails. Well, not with this easy DIY Halloween craft – this was a total PINTEREST WIN!

This Halloween project is crazy easy, cheap, and super cute! Not to mention, your neighbors will love it! Whenever I put it out, I get tons of questions on how to make their own Tomato Cage Ghost!!

After you are done making your decorations, treat the kids to these delicious Meringue Ghosts! They are really easy to make and they are only 30 calories! Win-Win! 

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Four images on how to make a tomato cage ghost

Materials needed for Tomato Cage Ghost

How to make Tomato Cage Ghost for Halloween!

  1. Place the wide end of the tomato cage on the ground
  2. Wrap the cage with your string lights (one set per ghost)
  3. Take your pillowcase and make a slit about 1/4 of the way up on both sides of the pillowcase (this will help it fit better on the tomato cage.
  4. Using a sharpie, color some eyes and a mouth (be creative!)
  5. Slip the pillowcase over the top of the cage and turn on the lights at dusk

Still not sure if you can pull it off - here is the Anyone-Can-Do-It Tutorial! A step-by-step pictorial on making your own Tomato Cage Ghost!

For images showing you how to make a tomato cage ghost

Now! Go make your own DIY Tomato Cage Ghost and share your scary pictures with me!!

A tomato cage ghost lit up at night

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  1. seems like my post went blank if it did sry but gonna say it again buy the small solar lights thru the day sun charges them so night time got your ghost and you don’t gotta worry bough electric lines or batteries if it rains so im gonna try that bet it will work great

  2. why not get se of the solar lights small ones then at night you got you goblin no wires or them stick that fade out the sun will energize thru the day

  3. I think I’m going to try these this Halloween. I never think I have enough decorations, and this would be neat to do with my daughter.

  4. Just now I had the chance to come back here and thank you for the tutorial, it was a lot of fun! I made one small change though, I used large white trash bags instead of pillowcases. It worked out perfectly, thanks a bunch. I hope you and your family have a wonderful blessed new year!

  5. I have two tomato cages saved from several past attempts to grow tomatoes. This is an excellent way to use them and more fun. Thanks for the tip. I hope you have some cute ideas for Christmas decorating with the cages.

  6. I am making these with my children this Fall! I can’t wait!

    I love this tutorial! Please share this tutorial at my Show-Licious Craft & Recipe Party!
    ~ Ashley

  7. So cute! I saw something similar to yours last year. Get a few big white latex balloons, put one of those light sticks inside (don’t activate yet) and fill with helium. Do this on the afternoon of Halloween. Then, that evening, activate the light stick (usually by bending it), put a large piece of cheesecloth over the balloon and secure with double stick tape on the top. Now you have a floating light up ghost. Get out the ladder and tie the end of the string leading to the balloon either in your bushes, the rain gutter, low branches in a tree, things like that. The light sticks give an erie glow and with the cheesecloth over the balloon it makes it look like they are floating! I’m going to try it this year! I may make some like yours also and have a whole haunted mansion like theme!

  8. Love this!! Such a cute and simple idea! We’re definitely going to have a few tomato cage ghosts in our yard this Halloween!

      1. I love ❤️ these ghosts. Going to make these to put in my yard and inside my house. What a great idea!