These DIY Baby Halloween Costumes are not only adorable, but easy to make! Even better, they won’t complain about wearing them!

They are the perfect costumes for babies, toddlers, walker’s and non-walkers! Make your child’s first trick-or-treating experiences one that they (or at least you) will remember!

DIY kids Halloween Costumes
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Adorable DIY Halloween Baby Costumes

Let’s face it, when your kids are little, that is the only time you can pick their outfits for them without them complaining! I have three boys and while they don’t fuss too much over what I buy them (I hear I have it much easier than my friends with girls), they have much more of an opinion on their clothes than I prefer 🙂

Halloween is no exception. The issue that happens as they get older is that they only want the crazy expensive ninja costume that has 5 must-have accessories AND makes you cringe because they no longer look smooshable cute in their costume AND you know they will wear once and never again (even though they promise this will be their costume for at least two years – don’t believe them).

So friends with little, bitty ones – enjoy this time to totally enjoy dressing them in whatever you want!

BUT before you head out for a night of trick-or-treating, be prepared for when you get home with these adorable Halloween Spider Cookies and decorate your yard with my easy to make Tomato Cage Ghosts!

Here are some of the yummiest costumes that I have come across – some are DIY for those of you with your first child and who still have the energy to create these – and for those of you who have been there done that – here are some options to click and buy!!

DIY Kids Halloween Costumes

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  1. Hello! Someone just shared your link with me and I wanted to say thank you for featuring my Lucy/Ethel wigs! Your entire list is so adorable, happy DIYing!! ?

  2. These are adorable!
    But please, make a Chevron. It’s Audrey Hepburn. Not Aubrey. Younger generations would not know bet.

  3. I got such a kick out of all the ideas. But my fav is the lil UP guy. It made me giggle. So precious. But I really enjoyed all. . . . .how can you not with these little humans.