This Halloween Witches Cauldron could possibly be the easiest Halloween decoration I have ever made – True Story!!

Halloween witches cauldron craft - five minutes is all you need!!

All you need is (you can click on the link to see where I got mine and order online):

Here is what you do:

  • Fold the pool noodle in half and put the tights over each end
  • Put some newspaper or packing material in the bottom of the cauldron (just to take up some space so you don’t need to use as much stuffing)
  • Place the folded pool noodle in the cauldron (folded end in the cauldron)
  • Add pillow stuffing around and in between the witches legs
  • Place the shoe covers over the pool noodle

See below for using the optional light – it looks SUPER cool – just stick the light in the stuffing and it looks like it is bubbling!!

light up cauldron

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  1. I am a fellow MI girl, we live in Macomb.. we just moved into our dream home in our dream subdivision a month ago.. basically Halloween will be our coming out party! First time for our neighbors to see how we (I come up with the idea’s my husband does the work) Thanks for the great affordable DIY projects!!

    Shannon Pfaff

    1. Hey Shannon – I love hearing from my local peeps!! Would love to see what you come up with!!! (whisper voice…send your hubby over, I need help decorating this year!!)

    1. Hi Lauretta – See the link to the witches shoes above – they were from Party City – they are actually part of a kit to make Witches table legs – but I just used the shoes – they were about $4.