Father’s Day Gift He Will Love!

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Hello Princess Pinky Girl readers!! This is Shonee again from Hawthorne and Main! Does anyone else feel like dads/husbands are hard to shop for? Maybe its just my guy….. but whenever I ask him for his wish list it includes things like a new golf club set, a big new tool, a new bigger tv, […]

Creative Planters and Garden Art Ideas

Creative Planters and Garden Art Ideas featured on Simply Designing

Creative Planter Ideas Do you enjoy live plants and getting your hands dirty in the garden?  So many of my readers have a passion for gardening andI love it! At this week’s Whimsy Wednesday link party, there were some fabulous projects linked up.  You guys are going to love these creative planter ideas and I […]

11 Amazing Kitchen Tips and Tricks!

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Who doesn’t love some amazing kitchen tips and tricks? You know, those things that make you go “AHHHHHH…. why didn’t I think of that?? These kitchen tips and tricks are great time savers and some of them are just those things you just want to try!!! Personally, I cannot wait to try to make the […]

Super Easy Mother’s Day Ideas

super simple mothers day ideas

Get ready for Mother’s Day! I never really knew how important Mother’s Day was until I became a mom.  I always loved and appreciated everything that my mother did for me, but I had no idea how hard she worked and how easy she made it all look.  Today I wanted to share with you […]

5 Great Garage Mudrooms

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I was crazy excited when I started seeing something totally new and innovative on Pinterest – Garage Mudrooms! What a totally amazing idea! Garage Mudrooms are a great option to keep the mess from ever entering the house, but they are especially great for those who lack the actual mudroom in their home! Check out […]

Awesome Outdoor Ideas

Awesome Outdoor Ideas featured on Princess Pinky Girl

Get ready for the outdoors! Yes… it is time!  Time to go outside!  The weather is slowly getting warmer and it is time to dust off that patio furniture, get our hands dirty in the garden, and enjoy time with friends and family.  At this week’s Whimsy Wednesday party, you guys are obviously on my […]

Monogram Wine Cork Wreath

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Easy DIY Monogram Wine Cork Wreath I am super lucky to have one of the best neighbors. My friend Maria, is beautiful both inside and out. She kind, giving and incredibly crafty! She always comes up with great new DIY ideas to try out. This monogram wine cork wreath took a ton of work, there […]

10 Cool Upcycled Craft Ideas

10 Upcycled Craft Ideas

Upcycled crafts you will love! Hi there everyone!  I hope you are having a wonderful week and doing well.  Today I am sharing some really fun upcycled craft ideas.  They are so easy and so fun that you will want to make them this weekend!  Such perfect timing with Earth Day right around the corner. […]

DIY Card Holder

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Hello Princess Pinky Girl readers! This is Shonee again from Hawthorne and Main and I am super excited to be here with you today!! I love to make and giving homemade gifts.  I enjoy crafting and I think it is fun to share it with others.  Sometimes a purchased gift is necessary but a little […]

Handmade Gift Ideas

Handmade Gift Ideas featured on Princess Pinky Girl

You guys are going to love these handmade gifts! I really love giving and receiving gifts that are handmade.  There is something so special about taking the time to make a gift for family and friends.  It really comes from the heart.  As I was looking at all of the amazing projects at this week’s […]