Not Your Average Easter Egg – FUN Easter Egg Ideas!

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FUN Easter Egg Ideas While I don’t celebrate Easter, me and my kids LOVE making Easter Eggs.  What’s not to love about them, they are cute to look at and a great kids activity!  Gone are the days of the dip your egg in a color and be done – now there are some amazingly [...]

Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

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Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids! When I was growing up my mom always told me that her favorite gifts were the homemade kind.  I never understood!  How could she not want something from the store… something new and shiny?  Now that I have kids, I totally understand!  Don’t get me wrong… I always love new [...]

10 Easy Upcycling Ideas

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Upcycling Ideas Who hasn’t seen something cute at a craft fair or art fair and said to themselves – “I could TOTALLY do that!”?  I know I have, however, 99.9% of the time, I haven’t even attempted it.  Then, if I did, it was an epic fail!  Well, I found these GREAT DIY upcycling ideas [...]

Bunnies Galore! Fun Easter Crafts

bunnies galore

Easter Crafts I may be all about Passover, but I must admit, I cannot refuse an adorable bunny!  You don’t have to celebrate Easter to appreciate the cuteness of a fluffy and cute bunny.  Bunnies scream SPRING IS COMING…. and we all can use some Spring about now!

Home DIY Ideas That You Can Actually DIY!!

DIY Ideas

Home DIY ideas that you can actually DIY! We have all seen those DIY ideas that we think we can do, but once we get started it is a great big epic fail!  For real!  I think I can actually do all four of these DIY ideas!  I found all four of these on our [...]

Organization Ideas For The Bathroom


Spring Cleaning and Organizing has begun!  After this long and drawn out winter, everyone is getting the itch to start getting their homes cleaned and back into order! One of the first places that I start is in the bathroom, they always seem to be the messiest and everything seems to be in the wrong [...]

Non Candy Valentines for Class

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Many schools have many policies in place over what type of food items can be brought into the classroom – these rules are in place for health and safety reasons.   For some, this has provided a challenge for birthday and holiday celebrations.  With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, I thought I would try [...]

Room Moms: Great Valentine’s Day Class Projects

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Room Moms Alert!: Are you coming up dry with a new and creative idea for your Valentine’s Day Class Projects?  Well, don’t fret, I have found some great ideas that will keep your kiddies busy and they will bring home some super cute crafts to display for Valentine’s Day! Paper Love Bugs | from [...]

How to Make Heart Shaped Stained Glass Candy


When I was in middle school, I remember going to my girlfriends house and spending hours making different variations of stained glass candy.  We would try different flavors and different colors.  The most fun was dropping the pan to break the candy into millions of bite sized pieces! For this Valentine’s Day, I was determined [...]

Candy Cane Valentine Suckers


I am sure each one of you has asked yourself “What’s a girl to do with all of those extra mini candy canes that she found on sale for 90% off at Target after Christmas?” – Well, fear not my friends – I have a project for you!!  Candy Cane Valentine Suckers!!! I originally found [...]