Looking for some great crafts for teenagers and adults? There are tons of great ideas out there for kids, but not many for teens, young adults and adults who love to craft. 

We found some great and easy crafts that you can do at home with many items you probably already have in your house!Craft Projects for Teens hero

Craft Ideas for Teenagers & Adults

1. Painted Rocks

Are you ready for an adorable and easy Arts & Crafts project that the whole family will love? (Big kids too!) These easy DIY painted rocks from Glitter Inc. are fun to collect, make, and decorate the house with! Plus, everyone will have a blast making them! Go crazy with your creativity here! 

Painted Rocks by Giltter Inc. | Crafts Ideas for Teens

2. DIY Galaxy Jars

Bitz N Giggles has shared these cool DIY Galaxy Jars – A gorgeous craft for kids, teens or even adults who love color and glitter! Simply layer cotton balls, acrylic paint, water and glitter shapes to create your own galaxy in a jar! You will love this craft and these jars are so satisfying to make. 

DIY Galaxy Jars by Bitz N Giggles

3. No-Sew T-shirt Bag

Happiest Camper shows us how to make this easy no-sew craft to turn that t-shirt you have outgrown into a great tote! Perfect for using that stained t-shirt or even something headed for the thrift store to give it new life and you a brand new bag! 

DIY No Sew T Shirt Bag by Happiest Camper

4. Watercolor Mason Jars

These watercolor mason jars are the perfect solution for storing painting and craft supplies or to use as a simple vase for fresh flowers. I love simple and easy mason jar crafts and this helps with organizing, too. A win-win! 

A mason jar painted with white paint and dripping with purple and blue paint. Filled with markers.

5. DIY Necklaces and Bracelets

Have you been itching to create your own necklaces, chokers or bracelets but don’t know how to make them NOT look homemade? With this easy tutorial, you can learn how to start and finish a beaded necklace or bracelet with this beginner’s guide to jewelry making from Rhythm of Play

How to start and finish a necklace or bracelet by Rhythms of Play

6. Make Your Own Hair Wraps

Want to bring in some warm weather vibes? Grab some colorful embroidery floss and try hair wrapping! Check out this great DIY from Pink Stripey Socks. Now you don’t have to visit a tropical country to get the vacay look at home. 

How to Do Easy Hair Wraps by Pink Stripey Socks

7. DIY Essential Oil Lotion Bars

Make your own lotion bars with essential oils in just a few simple steps! Aren’t these so cute? They will have your skin feeling ah-mazing, too! You’ll thank me for this one. 

Essential Oil Lavender Lotion Bars

8. T-shirt Yarn Bracelets

Recycle your old t-shirts into cool bracelets and chokers. Blue Bear Wood shows us how with these t-shirt yarn bracelets! This is actually super easy, but you can use this yarn tutorial for tons of projects. 

How to Make Tshirt Yarn Bracelets by Blue Bear Wood

9. Macrame Rainbow Charms

Make a macrame rainbow charm to hang from a handbag or backpack with this fun tutorial by Moms and Crafters. This is a grown-up version of crafts you’ve been making for years!

Macrame Rainbow Charm by Moms and Crafters

10. DIY Chalkboard Calendar

Keep track of what day it is when you make this fun and vibrant chalkboard calendar. Use two clips for the date and a paint a chalkboard for the month. Add your own creative spin with a little acrylic paint to personalize it. You won’t find yourself wondering what day is it yet? You can also use this as a countdown calendar for a special event, too. 

Chalkboard with Yellow Clips by Hawthorne and Main

11. DIY Sugar Hand Scrub

Make your hands super soft with this easy and customizable sugar hand scrub by That Kids Craft Site! You will have your very own spa treatment from the comfort of your own home.

DIY Sugar Scrub by The Kids Craft Site

12. DIY Jewelry Stand

With just a few basic supplies, you can make your own DIY Jewelry Stand like this one by Artsy Fartsy Mama. Get all of your bits and bobbles organized in style. Use your favorite paint colors so the stand will match the decor in your room or bathroom. 

DIY Neon Jewelry Stands by Artsy Fartsy Mama

13. DIY Hot Glue Earrings

These DIY earrings by Mama Smiles are easy to make, and you’d never guess that they’re made out of hot glue! Grab those sticks of hot glue and get crafting. These make great handmade gifts, too. 

DIY Hot Glue Earrings by Mama Smiles

14. Wood Shim Chalkboard Frames

Make a quick picture frame or chalkboard when you piece together a few wood shims. You don’t need any advanced carpentry skills to make this easy wood shim chalkboard frame. Wood shims are super inexpensive to use for crafting. 

A close-up of a chalk board frame with flowers in the background.


15. Perler Bead Candle Holder

Make your own candle holders with perler beads with The Art Kit Blog! You won’t believe how easy and fun these are to make. Perfect for gift giving too! I love all of the colors and the channeling your childhood vibe with the perler beads is awesome.

Perler Bead Candle Holder by The Art Kit Blog

16. Galaxy Painted Pot

Grab a pot and paint and make your own galaxy painted pot like this one from The Craft Train. This is so fun and easy to make with supplies you have already at home. Bonus if you are able to find a cool aloe succulent plant to use. 

Galaxy Painted Pot by The Craft Train

17. DIY Hand Sanitizer

This DIY hand sanitizer is easy to make and takes 3 simple ingredients and 5 minutes! If your hand sanitizer is running low or almost impossible to find, don’t worry! This homemade hand sanitizer recipe that is easy to make and only takes a few simple items.

DIY Hand Sanitizer

18. How to Embroider a Hat by Hand

See how to hand embroider a hat and add a floral stitched pattern for summer with Swoodson Says. You can really make this craft your own with the design you choose for your hat. 

How to Embroider a Hat by Hand by S Woodson Says

19. DIY Denim Tassel Earrings

Whip up your own pair of stylish tassel earrings. Sum of their Stories shows us how to make fun lightweight tassel earrings by upcycling scraps of denim. Make a few pairs to match your favorite outfits! 

DIY Tassel Earrings from Sum of their Stories

20. Cotton Candy Lip Scrub

This cotton candy flavored lip scrub is perfect for sweet, kissable lips! This recipe by Bitz N Giggles is one of the best homemade sugar scrubs out there!

Cotton Candy Lip Scrub by Bitz N Giggles

21. String Wrapped Hoop Earrings

Update an old or boring pair of hoops with some simple knotting from Moms and Crafters.

Cobra Stitch Earings

22. DIY Shrinky Dinks

Who didn’t LOVE Shrinky Dinks? There are so many fun ways to use shrinky dinks. Why not make some gifts to send to friends? Laly Mom shows us how to make them ourselves! 

DIY Shrinky Dinks

23. Tie-Dye Shoes

See how to easily tie-dye shoes for a personalized pair this summer. Swoodson Says shows us exactly how to do it!

How to tie dye shoes

24. DIY Tote Bag

A fun craft activity for a summer lover of any age. Change up an ordinary straw bag and make it your own. Organized Island shows us a ton of different types of bag decorations we can make!

DIY Tote Bage

23. How to Make Fairy Doors from Painted Rocks

Make fairy doors from painted rocks, and turn any old tree trunk into a magical fairy house from Adventures in a Box

DIY Fairy Doors from Rocks

24. Hydro Dipped Tumblers

I have tons of old tumblers sitting around my house. I am so excited to make these custom dipped tumblers for my friends! From Kim’s DIY Tribe! 

Hydro-Dipped Tumblers

25. DIY Lip Balm

Learn how to make 5 different lip balms. These cool DIY lip balm ideas are the perfect craft to do when you want something unique and fun. Make Starbucks lip balm, soda, bubble gum, ice cream and McDonald’s fries lip balmKim’s DIY Tribe! From Kimspired DIY.DIY lip balm

26. Tie-Dye Using Tumeric

Whether you are responding to the summer anthem of “mom, I’m bored,” planning matching t-shirts for an event, or just want to have a fun DIY project for yourself or a gift for someone you love, tie-dying is always the answer! If you ever wondered if you could tie-dye using more all-natural methods, you stumbled on the right place to learn how. Turmeric creates a brilliant yellow! From Pink Fortitude


27. DIY Lavender Candles

If you like the look (and aroma) of dried lavender as much as we do, then you’ll love how easy it is to use the stems to make these pretty DIY lavender candles from Crafts By Amanda!

DIY Lavender Candles

28. Ladybug Hand Painted Rocks

how to make these adorable ladybug painted rocks, which you can keep outside in your garden from Crafts By Amanda.ladybug-painted-rocks-680

29. Easy Washer Necklaces

Easy washer necklaces, but what makes these different is the dimensional magic! Check them out at Mod Podge Rocks


30. How to Transfer Photos to Wood

If you’re wondering how to transfer photos to wood, it’s a relatively simple process. See the easy step-by-step process from Mod Podge Rocks.



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