I am not so much a dessert kinda person. Don’t get me wrong, I like them, but I would take salty over sweet any day. Give me some Cheetos, chips and salsa or popcorn and you cannot stop me….. that is, unless there is coconut involved. Coconut is my undoing. It is one of those things that I cannot say no to! Every time I come across a recipe with coconut in it, on it or under it – I am all over it (and then I send it to my sister, Julie, to make for me – Julie, this post is dedicated to you and then you can dedicate dessert to me! Yay Sisters!)!

Coconut & Caramel Creme Cookies

A close up of food, with Caramel and Cake

Crockpot Coconut Hot Chocolate

A piece of cake covered in snow

Frozen Caramel Coconut Pie

A piece of cake on a plate, with Chocolate and Caramel
A piece of chocolate cake on a plate, with Banana and Cookie
Banana Coconut Pancakes
Food on a plate, with Pancake
source: stuffed-pepper.com
click this link for the recipe

Please, please, please….. if you have any good coconut recipes – please email them to me at princesspinkgirl1@gmail.com (include some pictures too!)

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Jenn is a mom to three beautiful boys, wife to an amazing husband, social influencer and blogger. I love all things easy recipes, easy crafts, all things hacks, traveling EVERYWHERE and feeding my Pinterest addiction!

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    1. I just noticed those pancakes aren’t vegan either. Is this one of those new spamming websites all over pinterest?

      1. You are both TOTALLY right!! I am going to make the change right now! Sorry…. not sure how I missed that!!!
        xoxo – Jenn (princess pinky girl)