It is almost garage sale season – time to purge and get rid of your junk – but what if that junk wasn’t actually junk and it was a treasure just waiting to be DIY’d! OR maybe you can benefit from someone else junk and all you need is a little bit of elbow grease! Maybe, just maybe, that junk can turn into an amazing toy makeover!

DIY Amazing Toy Makeovers


Check out these amazing toy makeovers from very talented people! Click on their links or pictures for detailed how-to’s!

Nerf Storage Solution from 733 Blog


Cozy Coupe Makeover from Megan Kunkel- Looking for some more great Cozy Coupe Makeover Ideas? We have tons for both boys and girls! 

cozy coupe makeover - toy makeover

DIY Lego Table from Our Wee Family
DIY Lego Table

toy makeover

Little Tikes Kitchen Re-Do

Picnic Table Makeover from Refashionablylatepicnic table makeover

$70 Ikea Bookshelf into Adorable Dress Up Closet from Rain on a Tin Roof

book shelf

Turn an old dresser into a doll house

Turn this old dresser into a dollhouse from Larotska

Dr. Seuss Chair Makeover - turn trash to treasure!!!

Dr. Seuss Chair Makeover (Source Unknown)

Looking for some other great HACKS – just click on the pictures below!

DIY Summer Hacks - easy DIY projects for your summer fun House Hacks2


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  1. How did you get the toys clean before you painted them? Did you use a pressure washer for those little pores?