Cozy Coupe Makeovers are so fun! With garage sale season around the corner, find some great DIY toy car upcycling ideas!

Pinterest image of cozy coupe makeoversIf you’ve been around Princess Pinky Girl for long, you know that I love toy makeovers. It should come as no surprise that I think these cozy coupe makeovers are the cutest toys around for kids these days.

These fun ride on toy redo’s are so creative and so fun. All you need is a working cozy coupe and you are ready to make a masterpiece.

The ideas are endless for making the crazy coupe into your child’s own personalized dream car. They may love Minnie, princesses, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, ice cream or just about anything and you can turn a cozy coupe into the toy they never knew they always wanted!

Fun Facts about Cozy Coupes

The Orginal Cozy Coupe Circa 1979

photo via Apartment Therapy

Here are a few fun facts about the Crazy Coupe by Little Tikes…

Did you know that the cozy coupe had been around since 1979? That is right… this adorable plastic mobile was created forty years ago and its popularity is still going strong! It was designed by Jim Mariol, a former car-parts designer for Chrysler. I can see now why it works so well!

The car’s design has been described as a cross between a Volkswagen Beetle and Fred Flintstone‘s vehicle. It was a simple plastic molded car that was designed to be used with foot power and no pedals were implemented.

According to NPR, “in 2009 while Chrysler and GM struggle through bankruptcy, there’s another American automaker that’s doing quite well, thank you. Little Tikes is based in Hudson, Ohio, and despite the recession, demand for the company’s Cozy Coupes has shown no signs of a slowdown.” That is just incredible when you see statistics like this.

The 30th anniversary cozy coupe available now even has a cupholder for the kids and a handle on the back for parents to guide the coupe when the kids are learning. The floorboard is removable, too!

Where to Buy a Cozy Coupe

You can find a new Little Tikes cozy coupe in lots of places these days. They sell them in store and online at places like Target and Walmart. You can even order them online at Amazon. You can get several models that are gender specific, too like this princess cozy coupe.

If you are planning to make over a cozy coupe, check out your local Goodwill or thrift store. So many people donate these cars and they are easy to spot right when you walk in.

If you have any children’s consignment sales in your area, these are fabulous spots to pick one up. Just make sure that the wheels are in great working condition and the plastic is in good shape, as well.

Better yet…garage sale season is right around the corner! Get to them nice and early and you may be able to score a used one for next to nothing!

You can even purchase vinyl kits on Etsy where you can makeover your own coupe with paint and just add the vinyl stickers. Check out this awesome Ghostbusters Cozy Coupe here…

Ghostbusters Crazy Coupe Kit on ETSY | SO many great cozy coupe refashion ideas!

We purchased a used cozy coupe on a for sale group on Facebook. It lasted through two little ones and was still in great condition when we donated it to our local thrift store.

I wish that we would have done a makeover before we donated it, but I’m hoping it has been well loved since then by another family.

Cute Cozy Coupe Makeover Ideas

Get ready for an amazing amount of creativity. Your kids will certainly thank you for it. If you’ve dreamed of remodeling that old cozy coupe that you have sitting around, you will  be truly inspired with so many fun ideas.

Be sure to read the posts, they are full of helpful tips and tricks for what type of paint to use and what ideas work the best. There is nothing better that information from someone who has done it and can tell you all about it.

Let’s see those cozy coupe ideas….

John Deere Cozy Coupe Makeover by Mom Made

A kids cozy coupe car


Little Girls Bat Mobile via Instructables

Little Tikes Police Car Re-do by Our Pinteresting Family

Little Tikes Coupe Redo Police Car | Little Tikes Coupe Redo Ideas

The Elsa Coupe by One Crafty Thing


Elsa from frozen painted on a kids car

Batmobile from a Cozy Coupe by Sweet C’s Designs

The Batman logo on a cozy coupe car

Cozy Coupe Convertible by Little Bits of Sunshine

Cozy Coupe Makeover by Little Bits of Sunshine

Lil’ Miss Whippy Cozy Coupe Makeover by Giggleberry Creations

The back of a cozy coupe car

Cozy Cooper by Go Team Wood

Cozy Cooper by Go Team Wood | Adorable Cozy Coupe Ideas!

Minnie Mouse Cozy Coupe by Pink When

Minnie Mouse Coupe by Pink When | Cute ideas for transforming Cozy Coupe Cars!

VW Bug Cozy Coupe Makeover by DIY Nightmare Before Christmas Props

A cozy coupe car makeover

Cupcake Delivery Truck Cozy Coupe Makeover by Dwellings by Devore

Cupcake Delivery Car Cozy Coupe Makeover | Cozy Coupe Makeover Ideas that Rock!

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Pinterest image of cozy coupe makeovers

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