Summer is a coming! I can always tell that is it getting close when I see all of these great new summer DIY ideas popping up around the internet! These DIY Summer Hacks are some of the best and most creative that I have seen around. For full information and how to’s, please click either the hyperlink or the picture to go to the very creative site that created these awesome DIYs!!

Backyard and Table

DIY Pallet Bar – all it takes are two pallets and some landscape pavers from The Garden Glove

Make a bar out of pallets and landscape paversMake a crazy fun sprinkler from a plastic soda bottle from Housing a Forest
water bottle sprinkler - pinterest

Make your own outdoor entertaining table from Hallmark ChannelDIY outdoor table and beverage cooler from the Hallmark Chanel

Upcycle this giant spool into a super fun outdoor lab from TP CraftUpcycle a giant spool into an outdoor lab from TP Craft

Make a wine bottle bird feeder from Down Home Inspiration DIY bird feeder from a wine bottle from Down Home Inspiration

Use a fitted sheet to make a beach blanket from Buzz FeedUse a fitted sheet to make a beach blanket - great summer hack

Make a kiddie car garage from Mom EndeavorspotDIY Clay Pot Smoker from Good Home Design

DIY Pallet Pool Noodles and Towel Holder

DIY Pool Noodle and Towel Holder (source unknown, please message me if you know the source)

Looking for some other super fun summer ideas – just click on the pictures below:

backyard ideas square backyard featured image

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  1. Princess pinky girl needs to make a book!!! I would definitely purchase that. “Princess Pinky Girl Summer Fun” …. ♡♡♡

  2. I love the sprinkler very much! Just imagine water comes out from everywhere and playing under it really makes me feel good!