Me Before You – A Girls Trip!

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Before we begin, this is not a book review – I have heard it is a GREAT book, but I haven’t ready it yet!  So if you are looking to hear more about the book, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, wrong place (but you can buy it here!). This is a story about four [...]

Disney Magic vs Disney Fantasy


I’ve mentioned before that my family loves the Disney Cruise.  We have taken three Disney Cruises and have loved them all.  I am often asked which ship I would recommend Disney Magic vs Disney Fantasy, how long to go, what age is too old to go, etc.  Having just gotten off the ship a few [...]

New to Cruising? Choosing the Right Cruise Line

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New to cruising?  No worries, I can help you choose the right cruise line! So, I don’t claim to be a travel agent, well, I take that back, I did do a brief stint as a Travel Agent (seriously, I was Travel Agent Jenn, granted it was short lived…. look it up on Facebook!)  I [...]

Princess Pinky Girl: Travel-nista!

Travel is one of my passions.  I love everything about it!  I love getting on an airplane, landing in a new city, finding my first Starbucks, checking into my hotel (and then switching rooms at least once, if not twice), exploring the city, finding the perfect restaurants and then making the most of every single [...]