A couple of weeks ago I posted on my newest obsession Life Hacks – ideas or techniques adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way!

This last post OMG SO SMART LIfehacks – got an amazing response, which makes me think that you all love Life Hacks as much as I do – so I thought I would bring you some more!!!

Lifehacks part 2
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Use Tension Rods as Pantry Dividers from Martha Stewart – This is SUCH a great idea! This will make cookie sheets and trays SO much easier to get to!!

Tension rods as dividers

Wrapping Paper Organizer from 2 Little Hooligans – Going on a garage sale hunt for a stool this weekend!!!

wrapping paper organization

Use Cupcake Liner as Ice Cream Bowl from Real Simple – This will make serving ice cream at birthday parties so much easier. They will be all set to go, all I have to do is pull them out of the freezer!

cupcake liner as ice cream bowl
FastCustomer App

Use a Plastic Cereal Dispenser as Trash Can in Car from Better Homes and Gardens – Finally a place to keep trash in the car! I love this idea!

plastic cereal dispenser for trash in car

Paper Plate Basket from It’s Always Autumn – This is great if you are going on a picnic or sending something with your kids (or husband) and don’t want to send a plate that you are sure they will forget! OR sending leftovers home with guests!!!

Paper Plate Basket

Put a Power Strip in Bedside Drawer from Apartment Therapy – PERFECT for a clutter free side table!

Power strip in bedside drawer
public bathroom hack

Use a Water Bottle on a Bag on Chocolate chips – I haven’t tried this yet, but I read that you want to use a bottle with a larger spout!

Water bottle on a bag of chocolate chips

Freeze Coffee in Ice Cube Tray for Perfect Iced Coffee from Foodo Del Mundo – I don’t like my iced coffee watered down… this will be great!!

Make Coffee Ice Cubes
volume button on iPhone to take photo

Use a Ketchup Bottle for Pancake Batter from Real Simple – perfect for mess free pancakes!

Ketchup bottle for pancake batter

Use the Space Between Joists from Family Handy Man – this opens up a whole new world of storage for me!

Joist-Space Space-Saver

So smart – leave laundry baskets in your car and use them to help bring in your groceries! Love this!


Love Life Hacks – Looking for some more ideas – well look no further!!

Life hacks Collage
home organizing tip and tricks
House Hacks Square2
Parent Hacks

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  1. I like the pancake batter in the ketchup bottle, but how long would it last in the fridge ( i make mine from.scratch)?

    1. It won’t keep for more than a day or 2. The baking powder in the mix lose its leavening ability and your pancakes won’t turn out the way they should. You’d be better off using a funnel or a cookie cutter to get that perfect pancake shape.

  2. The cereal trash can in the car does not work. It keeps falling over. I do love the coffee ice cubes. I am going to try that one.

    1. I use the stretchy straps to hold my garbage can in place and I also put extra bags in the bottom so I always have a clean bag. Than all you have to do is just out the one that has trash in it and put in a clean one.

  3. I can’t believe I have just discovered your blog. It’s A-MAZ-ING I can’t believe all the cool ideas you come up with/find they’re unbelievably useful.