I have a new obsession…. life hacks! What exactly is a life hack, you ask?

A bunch of items that are on display

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These are the tips you read on line and you hit your hand on your head and say “OMG, SO smart!…. How did I not know that??”

There are THOUSANDS of life hacks out there! There are hundreds of websites with tons of life hacks. However, I have sifted through these sites and am sharing some of my favorites. I have found the best site for life hacks to be 1000lifehacks.com, (although they are well over 1000 now!)

Wash kids Legos in mesh bag from Gettinby – I am SO excited about this! I hate washing legos, but they get totally yucky dirty! This will make cleaning them super easy! Goes right along with my OCD!!

life hack 823

Cut ice cream with a knife when serving to a crowd from Real Simple  – I HATE scooping ice cream at my kids birthday party! I started using ice cream cups, but my kids don’t really like them… they like the “fun” ice cream! This is a great way to get your cake and eat it too (ha, ha, ha!!)cut ice creamlife hack 1325

Use Airheads to cutout letters for Birthday cake from Studio DIY – I CANNOT write with those little gel decorator pens – I totally stink at it! This is absolute genius!! This will happen!

Airhead letters for birthday cake
life hack 59

Fill water balloons and freeze them as a cooler – Pretty and practical – two of my favorite things!!

frozen water balloon cooler
life hack 486

Place freezer pops upright for an clean cut from lifehacksdaily.com – This is just one of those things that annoys me. I hate the sound of cutting ice. Don’t judge!

life hack 962

Magnetic cups for fridge from Adventures in Pinteresting – We go through 1000 cups a day. I don’t understand it, all of a sudden I will turn around and my entire top rack of the dishwasher is totally full! I absolutely LOVE this idea!!!

magnetic cups
Life Hacks from Princess Pinky Girl

Cut a sticker in half to help with left and right shoe from One Creative Housewife – This will end the problem of your child walking out of the house with his shoes on the wrong feet! Problem solved!!

Toddler Shoe Sticker
life hack 266

Dollar bill to measure 6 inches from Thread Magazine – I NEVER knew this! This one will for sure come in handy!

life hack 182

Rubber band on paint can from Martha Stewart – WHY didn’t I ever think of this one? I HATE when the paint can gets all drippy!

Paint-Can Tip
life hack 30

Marshmallow in Brown Sugar to Keep it Soft from Real Simple – This is a game changer if it works!!marshmallow in brown sugar

I know that you all have some GREAT life hacks out there!! Please, please, please share them with me!!!

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  1. When we attended a 4th of July parade in extreme summer heat, a resourceful young girl was pulling a wagon with a cooler full of balloons frozen with water. She sold them for $1 a piece so we could cool our foreheads and necks while we sat watching the parade. She sold out in a matter of minutes!

  2. This is a great idea for families who own lots of DVDs but don’t have room to store all of them… Take the DVDs out of the boxes and put them into CD albums…You can even organize them into category’s

  3. HI, if you wash your Lego in the washing machine they’ll get scratched and lose the shine. try washing them in the dish-washer, inside a colander. that way they won’t rub against each other.

      1. I buy a big bag of different sizes of rubber bands and use them to keep chip bags, cookie bags etc closed. Just roll the top down and wrap a rubber band around the top to the bottom. Works great.

  4. When my daughter was growing up anytime she had a birthday (or other event that involved gifts) I would place a chair next to her and asked the guests to please sit next to her when she opened the gift they brought. Once the gift was opened I would snap a picture of them (with the gift). After the party I would have two copies printed (one for me and one for the guest). My daughter would write her thank you note on the back. I never had to scramble for paper and pen to write down who got what. Kids didn’t block anyone’s view trying to stand in front because they all had their own opportunity to sit with her while their gift was opened. And, thank you notes were a breeze. This works well for baby showers, bridal showers, etc.

  5. If your cellphone falls into water take out battery and place both phone and battery overnight in a bowl of rice. Works with older phones.

  6. I also use the index card idea.
    I have a container with a lid that I have different items, that is in the trunk of my car.
    I.E.: battery charger, extension cord, various tools, flash lights and much more.
    So if a need arises for something, all I have to do is look at the index card which I keep in the glove box. Keeps me from tearing it all apart looking for something that isn’t there.

  7. I am renting and don’t have pullout drawers like I had in my previous place. My solution was to shop at second hand stores buying wicker baskets or trays that were maybe 2-3 inches deep. I put my plastic containers, tin goods, baking supplies etc. in them and when I open the cupboard, I “pull out” the tray and don’t have to go fishing around to the back of the shelf. Works well in the fridge also for smaller items so you don’t have to move 4 or 5 things to get what you need.

    1. Yes it does…I just dialed it & saved it in my phone. It works great. Do your phone keys/numbers not make noise?

      1. Does not work! Has nothing to with, “Do your phone key/numbers not make noise?”

    2. Yeah I just tried this and it didn’t work for me either. I dialed all of the numbers and got connected to 911. I felt like an idiot because I didn’t have an emergency.

    3. kinda think it doesn’t work on landlines, cause that’s what I got, and my cell doesn’t work in my house so I can’t test it.