This Eggshell Bud Vase is perfect for your Easter or Passover table decor. They are easy to make and cost virtually nothing. Your guests will be delighted when they see this clever table decoration that you made all by yourself.eggshell bud vase with spring flowers

Spring is coming, and with that there are some wonderful spring holidays that go along with it. No matter what you celebrate, setting the perfect celebration table, gets your holiday meal off to the right start and this Eggshell Bud Vase is the perfect DIY project.

I love mixing up the flowers and using an assortment of different colors. It just screams spring!

Eggshell vase with white flowers

My friends, Melanie and Binay made these gorgeous egg shell vases for an event where we shared ideas for our Passover tables. Looking for some other great ideas for Passover? I created an article on Passover Recipes and Ideas where there are some other creative tablescapes, crafts and more ideas to shake up your Passover sedar this year!

These eggshell bud bases could easily be changed up for an Easter table too! OR really, for any type of tablescape! I love mixing up the flowers and using an assortment of different colors. It just screams spring!

Do you have little one’s at home? If you are looking for a cute Easter project for them, be sure to see this adorable Easter Bunny Handprint Craft that my contributor, Aimee, recently posted! Such a fun craft to do with the kids!

eggshell bud vase with purple flowers

One quick not, you will need to have something that you can hot glue the bottom of the egg to so that it stands upright. Here are some ideas of some things you could use as a base for the vase, but find something that goes along with the theme of your party:

  • a small tile from Home Depot
  • glass beads
  • flat stone
  • piece of matzah (for Passover)
  • painted flat stainless washers (Home Depot)How to make an Eggshell Bud Vase

How to make an eggshell bud vase

Step One: Use a needle or a sharp knife to carefully prick a hold in the top of the egg (careful not to break the egg).

Step Two: Use the tip of a sharp knife to carefully make the hole larger (gently chip pieces away)

Step Three: Drain the egg (save the egg to make something yummy)

Step Four: Rinse the inside of the egg and let dry

Step Five: Hot glue to a base (see above ideas) and let dry

Step Six: Fill the egg with a little water and flowers


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  1. Will the egg shell hold the water for a long period of time so I can prepare them with flowers the night before Easter?