Colored Ice Art – A great winter DIY activity!

Winter can be really long – I mean really, really long, especially here in Michigan. It seems to just get later into Spring every year. By February or March, I am so sick of the long, gray and dark days – so this Colored Ice Art project is perfect to brighten up your blah winter day!

Colored Ice Art - a great winter DIY activity to do with the kids

We love to find interesting and new projects to try out – want to get outside and have some fun? We have a ton of fun Creative Activities to do in the Snow. But, if you are like me, you want to enjoy winter from inside, with a fire blazing and hot chocolate in your tummy! That’s why this Colored Ice Art is the perfect cold day project – What is fun about this DIY winter project is that you can hang it anywhere outside to brighten things up! They are fun to watch melt to – it totally changes the view of the art project as it melts (just be careful and don’t hang it anywhere that the melted food coloring could drip on something that it could stain – like a deck, etc)

Ready, set, go – let’s do this!

Colored Ice Art

Here is What You Need (affiliate links):

Colored ice art - materials needed

Here is What You Do:

  • Fill your bundt pan about half way up with water.
  • Place the bundt pan in the freezer for about an hour so it only has a thin layer of ice on top. (This layer of ice will prevent the food coloring from mixing together).
  • While still in the freezer, place 1-2 drops of each food coloring around the ice.

A close up of a cake on a plate, with Color and Ice

  • Continue to freeze until solid.
  • Remove from freezer and run warm water under the pan (but not too long). It’ll make the ice pop right out.
  • Tie the ribbon or string through the center of the hole.

A close up of a colorful background

  • Hang outside for a beautiful display!

Colored Ice Art - such a fun winter activity

That’s all you need to do! Easy, right! If you didn’t see my note above – we also have some great ideas for some ideas for outdoor fun to do in the snow! Bundle up and head outside with your kids – while you are out there, check out this slow cooker hot chocolate that you can have cooking and ready to devour when you come back in! Also, I just made the best (and easy) chili recipe – my kids and husband loved it – and you only need ONE pot!!

Tired of the cold – want something easy to make and will warm your belly? Be sure to see this Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate: (this is seriously the bomb!!)

Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate by Princess Pinky Girl

Looking for some great indoor activities that will keep you kids occupied for hours? These EASY INDOOR ACTIVITIES will be your rainy day (or snow day) saving grace!

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When you were little, did you LOVE to build forts – me too!! Here are some super cool indoor fort ideas to check out!

A display in a store

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