These totally awesome Indoor Forts! Whenever the kids are starting to get bored, making a fort is always a great option to beat the boredom! These indoor forts mostly use stuff that you can find around the house! Let’s get creative and keep the kids active and entertained!

A close up of many different items on display


EASY Indoor Forts

My kids love to build forts – who doesn’t? These amazing fort inspirations are going to help us through a possibly long, cold winter! While I can wait for the cold weather – I am kinda excited to try some of these out!

Sensory Light Box from The Toolbox

light box

Cardboard City from Paint on the Ceiling 

cardboard city

PVC Fort from Indigo Amethyst 

PVC fort

Milk Jug Igloo

milk jug igloo

Fan Fort

Fan Fort

Castle Fort from Cornerstone Confessions

castle fort

For those who are a little more ambitious!

Playhouse under the stairs from Mossy Mossy

playhouse under the stairs

Under the stairs treehouse

under the stair treehouse

Indoor Fort Bedroom

indoor fort bedroom


indoor forts NEW


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