Anyone who has been pregnant has had one of those experiences. That time when someone says something so totally absurd about your pregnancy that your jaw literally hits the floor. You cannot imagine how these people get through life on a daily basis when such total and utter stupidity can come out of their mouths. Even worse is that the majority of these comments come from women who have also endured the 9 long months of pregnancy and the emotional hurdles that go along with it!

Stupid Things People Say to Pregnant Women

We all loved when people commented on our weight, judged our decisions and constantly told us how we were going to harm our child before they were even born….because we weren’t freaking ourselves out enough – we for sure needed their assistance in pushing us right over the edge! Well sit back and enjoy some doozies! These will knock your socks off! (on a happier and more positive note – check out these super cute Gender Reveal Party Ideas!)

Thanks to all of you for for submitting your “stupid things people say to pregnant women” on my Facebook page! I sifted through and pulled out the best of the best (and I couple I wanted to include, but just couldn’t…. they were SO not okay!!)

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  • I am going to start out with one of my own! I was pregnant with my third. I already had two beautiful boys. A work colleague asked me if I knew what I was having. “Yes, it is a boy!” I answered excitedly! “Oh No….I am SO worried that will happen to my daughter too!!”

Here are some of my great reader responses! All anonymous, of course!

  • “I didn’t do an epidural because I love my baby.”
  • While I was pregnant with my 3rd child my Mother-in-law introduced me to someone and proceeded to tell them that this was my 3rd and final. Umm who made her boss over how many children I will or will not have?
  • One guy asked if I had double checked with the doctor because it looked like I was having triplets… talk about a meltdown moment
  • “Are you pregnant? AGAIN! Like mom said, you can teach ignorance, you can’t teach stupid.”
  • “Wow! Your tits and ass are huge!” (from a 74 year old male patient of mine)
  • A guy walking behind me didn’t realize I was pregnant, when he walked passed me he said, “oh wow, You should put a sign on your back that says WIDE LOAD!”
  • “Are you having twins?” “No I’m not having twins.” “Are you sure?” No I’m so stupid I have no idea how many babies are in my stomach.
  • “Aren’t you a bit big to be that far along?”
  • When I went to my first Ob app. The nurse asked a list of questions. The stupidest, “do you and your husband have sexual intercourse?” I looked at her, then my belly, then her again. I said uhhhh yeah…..
  • A woman I never met blurts out,”you’re pregnant?!” I just stared at her and someone said,”well yeah!” She retorted with,”I didn’t know, we all carry weight differently.”
  • Not to take a bath or the baby will drown.
  • “How much weight have you gained?”
  • Some told me that I didn’t look pregnant and wanted to know if I was only faking the  pregnancy to marry him and get his money?
  • My favorite one wasn’t actually said to me, but to my husband… and from his mother no less… she asked him, actually had the audacity to ask if he was even sure that the baby was his.
  • “It’s nice because you’ll still look pregnant after you have the baby, so you can use the pregnancy parking.”
  • “You’re pregnant again? You don’t need to have them so close together cause you can’t spend enough time or love with them.”
  • From my Mother-In-Law “Maybe you’re wrong..maybe u’re not shouldn’t be pregnant before my other daughter-in-law”
  • “You don’t look old enough to be pregnant. Are you going to keep it?” I was 20.
  • “Is it a boy or a girl?… Oh.”
  • Someone told me that I was going to be in a wheel chair when my daughter graduated from college… I was gonna to be a old mom!! I was 23 when I had her.
  • “Was it planned?”
  • While shopping with my other children and pregnant with my 3rd…”you didn’t learn the first two times how babies are made?” Then pregnant with my 4th… “Don’t you think you have enough kids?”
  • “Are you pregnant or just bloated?” I was about 32 weeks pregnant at the time.
  • “I knew you were pregnant when I saw you in March,”  Except I wasn’t pregnant yet.
  • I was on the table waiting for my c-sec with my twins. I was talking to the NURSE and telling her they were boy/girl. Then she asked me “are they identical?” I said not when we change the diapers. You would think a nurse would know better.
  • “You look better with a little fat on your face.”
  • We all get this question over and over… but I ADORE this answer – “What’s it going to be?” I told one person I was hoping for a puppy they didn’t look impressed
  • From my husband…on mothers day….”eeewwww….why are your nipples so dark?”

So…what have we learned here? First of all, be very careful with what you are saying to pregnant women… a foot in the mouth comment will stick with us far longer than you would ever think. AND, being on the receiving end of these comments is part of the badge of motherhood… it happens to all of us. Just nod, smile, walk away ….. and blog about it later!!

P.S. What is the stupidest unsolicited parenting advice you have received from a stranger? See some of our readers answers here! You won’t want to miss them…trust me!

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Stupid unsolicited parenting advice

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  1. Omgosh so im pregnant with my second and I say straight off the bat im having a c-sec my mother inlaw says you not a real mother yet…my 1st was also a c-sec unplanned but this is my second child…you really going to tell me im a fake mother?

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  3. My first son was born, unexpectedly, at 27 weeks and therefore spent a good deal of time in the NICU. I’m pregnant with my second now and I can’t even tell you the number of people who have said, ” Just wait, you’ll have a real newborn this time.” Ummm, ya, because my first was fake and his NICU stay was so much better than sleepless night…

  4. When I was due with my 2nd child my husband and I decided to have a celebratory dinner out with our daughter. We went to Cracker Barrel and were really enjoying our time together until the waitress arrived at our table. She kept going on and on about how HUGE I was and even went in the kitchen to get more people to come and gawk at my enormous belly. To make matters worse, after our son was born he was immediately moved to the NICU because his lungs weren’t mature. We had been apart from our daughter for almost a week and my mom and dad (who were watching her while we were in the hospital) wanted to do something nice for us so they took us out for lunch, at the same place. We were lucky enough to get the same waitress. This time however, instead of her commenting on my size she kept going on and on about how pale I was and that I needed to go back to the hospital because something must be wrong with me! At the time it made me fuming mad but now I can get a laugh out of how inappropriate her comments were and how some people really need to think before they speak!

  5. I am high risk because of diabetes. And I see a specialist. I am also a nurse and work 12 hour shifts in my second trimester. I have this co-worker and she says to me ” you aren’t going to be able to work if you are already seeing a specialist. Maybe you should just stop before you end up in he hospital.” I was like don’t you think my specialist would monitor that?

  6. I worked full time as a pharmacy technician through my whole pregnancy and apparently none of the other women I worked with ever experienced nausea or vomiting in the first trimester and I was “just faking it to get out of work”

  7. It’s my first pregnancy and I was 6 weeks pregnant when we told my father-in-law and after a few beers he started patting my stomach and sayin, “ooh you are getting such a cute belly”. I looked at him straight n the eyes and said “Oh, no. That’s just me being fat”.

    A week later my mother-in-law (they are separated) insisted that I show my “pregnant belly” to my Sister-in-law over skype. Again, I looked at my MIL and said… “I will when I have a pregnant belly, but now it’s just fat”. A week later she went at it again.. uigh!

  8. My husband and I have been married 5 years, no kids, working our butts off to be financially secure before we have kids – we own our own business so it’s taken a while, which has been more difficult than many realize. Meanwhile, my SIL and her husband invite the family over for a surprise pregnancy reveal and right after they break the news, my MIL exclaims, “(SIL’s name) won! We were making bets who would have kids first!” It took 100% of my effort to keep it together.

  9. Your mother in law sounds like my monster in law ?
    Your are not alone.
    I was in college working full time, and going to school full time. On my 6am shift, I was helping a woman to her car with her order and she turns to me and goes “how far along are you” umm excuse me? I wasn’t even pregnant.
    Working at a different restaurant, while 38 weeks pregnant. I found some money laying on the ground where a woman was eating her lunch, she had gotten up to go to the bathroom. So naturally, I put the money in a safe place. I gave her said money and she thanked me. As I was cleaning in a different part of the store, she had finished her meal. When upon leaving she goes to my girlfriend and says “tell that red-headed fat girl thank you for keeping my money safe.” My girlfriend replies “you mean the pregnant one?” “Oh I didn’t know she was pregnant and fat”
    Another gem. I’m at work at the restaurant, eating dinner. And one of my co workers ask “how much did you weigh before getting pregnant?” I told her (though my weight has always been my issue) “I was 190” she laughs and goes “damn you’re going to be a fat f@&)ing monster”