It’s time to get organized! With school about to start, I am determined to be ready and organized this year. Probably like most of you, we have a ton of after school activities. This means, as soon as the kids get home, they need to get down to business and get their homework done. However, it never fails, they cannot find the supplies they need to do their work because they didn’t put them away the last time they were using them. So today, while I was shopping for school supplies at Target, I saw this great shower caddy on sale and thought – this would make a great school supplies organizer – I am totally going to make it into our very own portable homework caddy. This way, it doesn’t matter if they are working in their bedrooms or in the kitchen, the supplies can come with them, but more importantly, they can be put away where they are too! Fill it with all of the goodies they may need: pencils, pens, notecards, rulers, tape, crayons, scissors, etc. I love this caddy from Target – it has really nice deep sections – check it out here!

Portable Homework Station - always have your supplies in one placeLooking for some more homework helpers – check these out!

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  1. Very nice collection of ideas for organising homework station. For me with one school going child its difficult to manage already when my 2nd child will start primary its going to help a lot! Will start organising now only!