Clever Ways to Organize Kids Stuff! With kids, comes stuff – lots and lots of stuff!! Keeping that stuff organized could be a job upon itself. These clever ways to organize kids stuff will hopefully help keep your house a little cleaner and your sanity a lot more in check!!Kids Toy Organization Ideas

Great ideas to organize kids toys!

When kids enter the house, so does an incredible amount of STUFF! Keeping that stuff organized could be a job upon itself. These clever ways to organize kids stuff will hopefully help keep your house a little cleaner and your sanity a lot more in check!!

Do you love organizing or hate it? Well I love the idea of being organized, but I hate taking the time to actually do it. However, I am always SO happy once it is done and in reality, it never takes nearly as long as I think it will take.

These kids organizing ideas are not only good for you, but they get your kids in the habit of putting stuff away. Who doesn’t want to have kids who don’t have to always ask where there things are – they know exactly where to look!!

Lego Table ideas

From Spaceships and Laserbeams 

Why share one lego table idea, when you can share 28! Lego’s are a blessing and a curse. The kids love them and they can really challenge their imagination. However, cleaning them up and keeping your Lego’s organized can be a bear.

I simply adore these tables that not only make a wonderful creation station, but they also keep all of those little buggers nice and organized. (think no more stepping on a random Lego that was left on the floor.)

DIY Lego tables with storage ideas from Spaceships and Laser Beams

I really do love Lego’s, but I hate stepping on them! This Lego Play Table and Organization station is like a Lego table on steroids!

I couldn’t find the site to credit and link to, so if you know who made it, please message me so I can add it!! (thank you!)

Lego table and organization station

Stuffed Animal Zoo

From Keeper of the Cheerios 

This is one of my favorite things ever! BUT, it would drive my dog INSANE, because she thinks she owns all of the kids stuffed animals – it would be like a huge tease for her!

This is such a cute way to keep my kids stuffed animals organized but accessible!

Stuffed Animal Zoo

Toy Car Garage and Organizer

From A Lo and Behold Life

Not only would my son love all of these cars, but I think he would actually have fun putting them away! I love how they organized them by color! This just gives me so much satisfaction!

DIY Toy Car Organizer


DIY Crap Buckets to Organize Your Family

from ReMarkable Home

The name is perfect! Crap buckets – Carry them up, put the crap away (hopefully), replace bucket…. Repeat.

DIY Crap Buckets

Bath Toy Organizer

from 8 Foot Six

Use these fruit baskets for your kids bath toys! This is genius! – it is out of the way and drains naturally. So stinkin’ smart!

DIY Bath Toy Organizer

Barbie Shoe Holder and Organizer

From BHG

Use a shoe holder to organize your Barbie Dolls!

Such a great new use for an old tool! This is a great idea (shoe organizers are also great for organizing toiletries when you travel – you can hang it on the back of a bathroom door in a hotel or we used it on our cruise!)

Barbie Dolls in a shoe holder

DIY Kids Art Gallery

From Home is What You Make It

I like to call it practical art! I love the ruler and such a great idea using the clipboards to highlight current kids art projects! It makes it super easy to switch them out!

DIY kids art gallery

Trunk Bike Rack

From 1001 Gardens

A super easy bike rack that you can leave outside! No more bikes laying on the lawn and driveway! Now I am off to find a log!

DIY Trunk Bike Rack

Toy Car Storage Crate

From Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Another great way to organize toy cars and again, they will love the organizer as much as playing with the cars! Fun to put them away!

Toy car organizer

Lego Storage using a toolbox!

(source unknown – if you know the source, please email me so I can add it!)

Lego Storage using a toolbox

Looking for some more ways to stay organized? 

Family Organization Stations

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