Life Hacks – they are a truly beautiful thing. They are those small tweaks that can make your life a whole lot easier.

They are those things you see on Pinterest that make you say – “Why didn’t I ever think of that?” Well, now we are taking Life Hacks to the next level with these genius Parenting Hacks!

Hacks - they are a truly beautiful thing. They are those small tweaks that can make your life a whole lot easier. They are those things you see on Pinterest that make you say - "Why didn't I ever think of that?" Well, now we are taking Life Hacks to the next level with these genius Parenting Hacks!

I have written a few posts on Life Hacks already that have had some life changing ideas! If you are obsessed with Life Hacks like me, check out my Backyard Hacks, Life Hacks and MORE Life Hack posts.

Genius Parenting Life Hacks

Wifi Password held hostage – I am not above a technology bribe!

wifi password

Best tissue box idea ever – this would be great next to my sons bed!!! SO smart!!

tissue box and garbage

Shoe bags to organize your car from Kids Activity Blog – Such a GREAT idea – all of those little items that roll around your car!!

shoe bags to organize your car

Lego Instructions Organized from My 4 Misters and their Sister – I never know where to put all of these little books – this is great!

lego instructions

Tooth Fairy Pillow from How Does She – Do you have a light sleeper? This is the way to go – hang it on their door, rather than having to tip toe (literally) through their room!

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Get-Along Shirt – this may be my favorite EVER!!!! I threaten this with my kids and they behave!

Get along shirt

Genius tooth fairy note – I am in awe of the parent who thought of this!!

genius tooth fairy note

This is what happens when you ask your husband to go push your child on the swing – just not okay!

dad swinging kids

Put iPad in Kid Mode from OSX Daily – this is a MUST do …. like now!!

turn your iPad to kids mode

Toilet Paper Line from The Virtuous Wife – Do you have ANY idea how much TP these kids use??? This is great!

Toilet paper line

Dad playing video games – this one is for the dad who likes his video games. Give the kids remotes that are not hooked up. They think they are playing and you get to play. FUNNIEST THING – I was laughing about this one during breakfast this morning and my two older boys looked at each other smirking – I asked what that was about and they told me they used to tell my youngest son that he was “playing” as the bad guys in Lego Star Wars, when in actuality, they were both playing and he thought he was moving the guy, but no one could actually control the bad guys – STINKERS!

do not hook up video controllers

Baby mop – you can actually buy this…. true story! Here is the link!!

baby mop

Ikea Lego Table Hack from – How great is this??? So easy too!

Ikea Lego Table Hack

Tonight/Not Tonight from Nordstrom – This one is for you, girls…. this should make everything perfectly clear

tonight not tonight pillows

Time out chair from Christiney’s Crafts

Time out chair from Christiney's Crafts

Organize kids clothes and make mornings easier for everyone involved from Kortney Brady on Instagram

Organize kids clothing and make morning SO much easier!

Bring a water balloon fight to a whole other level from Smart School House


Use dollar store dog collars for baby proofing!!

Use dollar store dog collars for baby proofing - GREAT Parent Hack!

Hold the wifi hostage! Great parent hack! love it

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  1. There ought to be a secret society of parent hacks. These are brilliant. I want to know what they’re using in that photo of the car trash can – I need that more than I need a haircut (and I really need a haircut!)

  2. Im sure those tech savvy will find this stupid but-i didnt know i could change the wifi passwordon a daily basis or at all. Do i call the internet or cable people everyday or what!lol
    I can imagine the cable people saying-its the crazy mom calling again!lol

    1. Many providers now allow you to change the password on your own. I have Verizon and I log into my online account and I can change it everyday if I need to. It has helped so much with regulating the electronics, and getting stuff done….homework, chores, even just downtime from it all!!

  3. DO NOT use dog collars for baby proofing. The clip is really simple and I’ve seen a 1 year old able to easily unbuckle one on a busy board. Baby proofing supplies are made to be much more difficult than that to keep your baby safe.

  4. I find the “get along shirt” really cute! 🙂
    And the tissue boxes are really a practical help. Saves me a lot of time, actually!

    1. The “get along shirt” is a great idea, but I can’t help feeling bad about that photo’s being on the Internet without their faces’ being pixelated…they look absolutely miserable and on the brink of tears. Poor things would be mortified.

  5. You’re a genius. We’re going to move soon. I suck at organizing. I am going to like your Facebook page and go through the list for everything I put away. Thank you, thank you!

    1. I moved recentlyI numberd each box. Then when I picked it,I wrote,what was in each box. If the box goes in the kitchen,I wrote kit. On the outside of the box. Then it was very easy to get what I needed.

    1. Hey Tania – Actually, it is just used as a place to keep all of the booklets together that come with the sets. That way they can flip through the binder and see which they want to work on and then pull the pieces and build it.

  6. I feel dumb but I don’t get the tissue one. Why don’t you just buy the long box with more tissues? Or am I missing something? Help, please?

    1. Don’t feel dumb!! The second box is empty so you can put it next to your bed or in the car or wherever and it becomes like a trash can for the used tissues.

    2. one box is for tissues and the empty box is for the used tissues so you don’t have a million used tissues all over the house.

    1. 1.Be sure you use sharp pruning scissors.
      2.Cut lilacs early in the morning or late in the day because mid-day heat will wilt them.
      3.As soon as you’ve cut them, immediately plunge the stems into lukewarm water that has flower preservative in it.
      4.Take off all foliage. If you leave the foliage on, the nutrients from the water will go to the leaves rather than the buds.
      5.If you want foliage, cut separate stems of leaves and place those in the water.
      6.If you move your flowers to another vase, recut the stems under water, if possible, and immediately move them to the vase filled with lukewarm water that has floral preservative in it. The reason for cutting the stems under water is so that air bubbles don’t get into the stems, preventing them from getting the nutrients.

      1. Lilac stems are often very woody. If you hit them with a hammer to smash them open, it helps to keep the flowers fresh. Works with other woody stems like fruit tree branches or forsythia. Cutting the stem of a rose under water is extremely important for look lasting blooms

    2. I believe that if you want to. Keep them fresh you half to change water daily and make it cold water and before you go to sleep put the vase in the icebox and then take them out the next morning add a baby aspirin to water. I. Am not total sure but I would check with a health food store or a flower nursery