I came home to the most wonderful surprise today! One of my very closest friends and neighbor, Maria, left a wonderful treat on my kitchen table – a holiday giving plate filled with the most scrumptious cookies! Yummy cookies aside – the plate is the most lovely thing ever!

Holiday Sharing Plate - pass it on

So here is the how it works

  1. You bake some delicious cookies or other treats
  2. Fill the plate up
  3. Write a nice note
  4. Surprise your friend with this wonderful treat
  5. Tell them to enjoy the treat then pass it on

Here are the issues – First, I ate an awful lot of cookies today. Second, I don’t want to give the plate away!

Here is how you can make your own Holiday Giving Plate (courtesy of Maria!)

A close up of a doughnut on a plate, with Cookie

Step One – Purchase a super cute plain white plate, platter or bowl – this was microwave and dishwasher safe – you want something you can bake in the oven (this one is from World Market – click here)

Step Two – Using ceramic paints, write your cute message on the plate

Step Three – Let dry for 24 hours

Step Four – Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes

Step Five – Write a nice little note to put with the treat!

cookie sharing noteCheck out some other super cute and easy DIY holiday gifts

Quick and easy DIY holiday gifts!


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  1. love this idea! Kind of like a chain letter but with a much better purpose 🙂 it’s also a great motivator to get baking (and it’s not against the rules to keep some of the goods that you bake, is it?)

  2. Is the paint food safe glass paint ? And where did u purchase it if it is? I can’t find food safe glass paint anywhere.