Teachers are one the most overworked and underpaid  people out there – I know, I know, “but they get their sumner’s off” – you know your kids as well as I know mine and trust me….. they deserve every second of that summer!

I don’t know about you, but  I am always struggling around the holidays, Teacher Appreciation Day and at the end of the year for unique “thank you” gifts for my kids teachers. As always – need it to be reasonably easy and cost effective!! Here are a few of my favorite DIY teacher gifts!

Teacher gifts

Chalkboard Potted Plant

teacher pot
Source: Giggles Galore

Crayon Monogram Wreath & Chalkboard Sign


source: fancyfrugallife.com

 Pencil Cup

source: thatswhatchesaid.net

Perler Bead Bowl

source: meaningfulmama.com

School Supply Cake

source: threepugsandababy.com

Not the crafty type? That’s OK – I have two teachers in my family, Mom & Sister Julie who say gift cards are always appreciated! I asked them what type of gift cards are their favorites. Here is a list of the top ten!

  1. Craft store – Michaels, JoAnn’s, etc.
  2. Starbucks
  3. Movie Theater
  4. Restaurant
  5. Mall
  6. Five Below
  7. Dollar Store
  8. Target
  9. Ulta or Sephora
  10. Dunkin Donuts

Okay teachers out there – What are your favorite teachers gifts? Where would you like gift card from??

P.S. – Teachers out there – please don’t tell me if you are correcting my grammar – I know, I totally suck!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me to make some great gifts for my son’s teacher. We might be moving and this teacher has been all of my 3 youngest boy’s teacher

  2. While these are cute, I can tell you after 14 years of teaching and with three children of my own now, these types of crafts are okay, but I feel bad for the time that moms put in to them when we are just as thrilled with a gift card or a bag of chocolate truffles.
    Even $5 gift cards are so helpful when you are on a budget.

  3. I’m writing as a retired teacher who could decorate a Christmas tree with ” World’s Best Teacher” ornaments. I’ve always appreciated the sentiment and good wishes that prompts these “teacher” gifts. However I especially appreciated gift cards-your suggested list was right on. Homemade treats are wonderful for busy teacher and a hand-written note from a student or parent is priceless. I have kept those and treasure them. You probably wouldn’t consider giving an administrative assistant a legal pad, pens, or a Staples gift card for a gift. Have the same consideration for teachers and try to spoil them a little.

    1. Susan – What a great note! My mom and sister are teachers and helped me with the list. Good to know that the list was on the right track!! Thanks for all you teachers do! We <3 U!!

  4. I always do a “Teachers Favorite Things List” and send it home with the kids.. Most parents really appreciate it. At the beginning of the year I email a few questions to the teacher to ask them what their favorite things are. They always appreciate it.