I am very excited to be a brand new member of the Netflix Stream Team! That’s right – I am a lucky girl – Netflix provides me with their amazing streaming services and I get to tell my kids “sorry, I can’t help you right now, I am working”, while watching The Crown!! (check out every month what to watch on Netflix!) #STREAMTEAM

Today we are going to discuss a very, very serious topic – Cheating. Is Cheating ever okay? Was Ross or Rachel right – was it okay because they were on a break?

Don't cheat on your partner with Netflix

Whatever your stand is on the Ross and Rachel thing is just fine, but, I am sorry – hands down, the worst cheats of all are when your partner watches your favorite show without out you – or GASP, even worse, they watch the series finale without you!


So, picture this scenario – you come home late from work, take off your coat and you get that feeling that something is weird, just off. Your partner or roommate is sitting on the couch watching HGTV or ESPN or CNN – they are acting a little bit jumpy and uneasy. You start to tell them about your day and you get very short answers. You sit down, turn on Netflix and settle in to watch “our” show. All of a sudden, you look over and they are playing on their phone.

STOP RIGHT NOW – this is not okay. They are not invested, which means they are not paying attention which means they ALREADY WATCHED IT and worse yet, they were trying to pretend that they didn’t! I mean, seriously, you invest time and emotional support into this show – as a team! How could they? It is a total loss of trust. It is NETFLIX CHEATING! It is NEVER, EVER okay to be a Netflix Cheater.

what shows to watch on Netflix

What is the proper punishment? Do you get to watch the next episode first and allowed to tell them spoilers? Do they have to do the dishes for a week? Tell me what you think the proper punishment is for a Netflix Cheater!

Note: If you MUST cheat on Netflix – then at least do it right! Check out these great tips and “how-to’s” on how to cheat and get away with it!

While we are talking about Netflix – let me share some of my CHEAT WORTHY SHOWS that we are obsessing over right now!

The Crown – I am a historical fiction fan and now that Downton Abbey is over, I need a new fix! I am in on this one for the long run!

House of Cards – I. Can’t. Even. This show is so amazing. My husband and I totally binge watched it in a matter of a few weeks. It was a very sad day when we caught up!

The Walking Dead – We are late to the party, but loving it. I was very hesitant on this one, and pushed back for a while, but no I am all about those zombies! This isn’t your every day zombie show – it honestly has a ton of true substance. Leave out the fact that I have had lots of zombie dreams – I am a very big fan!

Stranger Things – We are only part way through the first season, but it reminds me of a Goonies meets ET meets Poltergeist type show – whatever it is, we are hooked!

On my “to-do” list – Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt – my son is a huge fan and told me it is a must watch. AND Gilmore Girls – has anyone seen it yet??

Give me some more shows to add to my queue (the CHEAT WORTHY shows)! 


Disclosure – This post is part of a sponsorship partnership with Netflix – all opinions are 100% my own.


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