Hearts + Holiday = HOLIDAY LOVE! Who doesn’t like hearts? If you answered “me” to that question, you realize that makes you “heartless” and “cold-hearted”!!!

Put a heart on something and it just becomes sort of warm and fuzzy! I am SO all about Valentines’ Day – if you follow me on Pinterest, you know how much I love hearts – I have a board dedicated to them! There are so many things  I cannot wait to write about for Valentine’s Day, but the first is going to just scratch the surface – Valentine’s Day crafts! These are all fun, easy and family friendly! New Year’s is over and it is time for some Valentine’s Day baby!!!!

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Heart Garland

This is SO smart and so easy! Just go raid your local Home Depot and/or Lowe’s for some paint chips and use a heart puncher and string together! heart-garland

Crayon Hearts

This was one of my first Pinterest projects. My friend Maria and I made these for our kids class. They were very easy and super cute. All you need is lots and lots of crayons (this is a great way to use all of those broken crayons) and a heart brownie tray – I got mine at either Target or Michaels (can’t remember). You just cut up the crayons into little pieces and put them in the brownie tray. Use dark and light colored mixed together. The yellows, pinks and whites really brighten up the finished product. Bake at 230 degrees for about 15 minutes (although I think it took us closer to 20). Warming – your house will stink AND you will never want to use this tray for anything again other than heart crayons! crayone hearts

Painted Heart Bag | V and Co

This is a great tutorial on how to do this polka dot heart. It is really cute on a canvas bag or you can do it on pretty much anything! painted heart bag

Candy Heart Centerpiece | Tiff Keetch

This is my kind of craft – super easy and super cute!!! Two vases and some candy hearts – what’s even better about this one is that you can do it with all sorts of candy for all sorts of holidays! Candy Corn for Halloween, jelly beans for Easter, etc! Candy heart centerpieceSweetheart Candy Topiary | Glue Guns and Spatulas 

Topiary is not just for Christmas anymore! There are so many cute topairy you can make with any type of candy. Get your glue gun ready, set and go! valentines day topiary

Valentine Monster Card Collector 

I made this! Yes, I did!!! These guys are great for your child’s classroom party to collect their Valentine cards! All it takes is an old shoe box, wrapping paper and some construction paper for the eyes and teeth.

 valentine monster card collector

Crayon Shaving Hearts | Skip to My Lou

I always loved making these in the fall with pretty leaves. This makes a pretty decoration to hand around the house! Easy and fun project to do with your kids!


Lace Votive Holder | Martha Stewart

This is so pretty and looks like something that even I can pull off!!! Thank you, Martha!!


Paper Curls Valentine Wreath | Better Homes & Gardens

All you need is some pretty Valentine paper and a foam wreath form. Click this link for full instructions.

A close up of a doughnut

Keep an eye out for more Valentine’s Day posts! If you have made any great Valentine’s Day treats or crafts – send them my way to include on a future post!

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