Hope you are saving room for the best course of the night….that’s right, the Thanksgiving desserts! There is nothing better than filling up on appetizers, then filling yourself up even more with dinner and side dishes… only to follow up with completely pushing your stomachs limit by overfilling it to the point of uncomfortableness with dessert (you totally know that feeling that I am talking about – that “I shouldn’t have eaten that last bite” feeling)

The Perfect Apple Pie 

I seriously cannot even stand how totally cute this is! I mean, come on….. it is an apple pie with a turkey wearing a pilgrim’s hat!! Are you kidding me… how can you not make this!! Thank you Jessica Bearak for the great recipe and the even better picture!!!

A pizza sitting on top of a metal pan, with Apple and Pie


Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Cookies

OMG – the only thing missing from this is a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream – YUM!!



Oreo & Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Really, does this even need any comments?

A piece of chocolate cake


Maple Brown Sugar Pumpkin Roll

How amazing would this be with an after dinner cup of coffee – ‘mmmmmmmm!!
Maple Brown Sugar Pumpkin Roll
click here for the recipe
source: bakeaholicmana.com

Chocolate Graham Cracker Peppermint Bark

There is nothing about this that doesn’t sound amazing!
source: crystalandcomp.com

Dessert Nachos

Who says we can’t have a little Mexican twist on Thanksgiving!

Caramel apple nachos main image

Caramel Apple Nachos – click here for the recipe

Tiramisu Cheesecake Trifle

A little Mexican and now a little Italian – we are the great American melting pot, after all!


click here for the recipe
source: shugarysweets.com

Strawberry Refrigerator Cake

The presentation is beautiful and super easy to make!


click here for the recipe
source: crystalandcomp.com

Rainbow Fruit Tray

The fruit is always the one thing that, no matter how much I put out, is completely gone at the end of this night. Check out this beautiful “rainbow” fruit tray by my friend, Karen!

rainbow fruit tray

I am always looking for some other amazing desserts to try! Do you have any?

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