Pumpkin carving night it always much anticipated in our house. It typically goes something like this….. we go and pick out our pumpkins and everyone is super excited! We cut off the top and start gutting and cleaning out the pumpkins, and cleaning, and cleaning – after about 15 minutes the boys have lost interest in cleaning out the pumpkins and my husband, Adam, and I are left to the messy job. Finally we get them clean and the boys bring the intricate designs for Adam to conquer – which he usually does! Then it is my job to make the pumpkin seeds – which everyone says they want, no one ends up eating, and I end up finishing them off followed by a tummy ache.

We are always looking for ways to make the job easier AND to outdo our creations from the year before. I am excited to say that we have found THE BEST tool to clean out the pumpkin! Where in the world has this thing been?

Pumpkin Gutter!

Pumpkin and Craft
We bought this last year and can attest that it is awesome!! We found it at a local store, but I found it online at William Sonoma – click here to purchase – totally recommend it…. we had the cleanest, best gutted pumpkin ever!!!
The next thing I have to share is THE BEST way to cut open a pumpkin – who knew there was any other option than cutting around the stem…. but wait, there is a better way – a WAY better way.

The Perfect Pumpkin Cut

Pumpkin and Carving
SERIOUSLY, genius!!
You can easily get the candle or light in and out and it is much easier to gut!!!
source: makezine.com
On to my favorite part – cute ideas for pumpkins! Some look easier than others, but I love all of these!!


Pumpkin and Craft
How great are these guys???


Pumpkin and Craft
How could I possibly not include this pumpkin of my all time most favorite princess ever!!!

Simply & Classy

A group of stuffed animals
Glitter paint, pre-cut letters and glue!!
That’s all it takes to get this cute set-up!

Lovely Lace

Pumpkin and Craft
Simple, elegant and beautiful (and it looks pretty easy!)
source: bhg.com

Gauzy-Glow Pumpkin

A close up of a stone building
This one I can even do! Gauze brushed with glow-in-the-dark paint.
source: bhg.com

WHAT THE . . . ????? It’s a Pineapple!!

Pumpkin and Pin
I don’t know if this would work, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t!
Love it!!

Boo-tiful Pumpkin

A close up of a lamp
Use a drill to carve the holes in the pumpkin!

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