Holiday Tipping Guide: Know how much to tip your hair stylist, babysitter, mail carrier, trainer and more! This will answer your “How much do I give” questions!

Does holiday tipping stress you out? Me too! This holiday tipping guide will help answer your “how much do I tip” questions and make the holiday season a little bit less stressful!

Holiday Tipping Guide: Know how much to tip your hair stylist, babysitter, mail carrier, trainer and more! This will answer your "How much do I give" questions!

As the holidays approach, there is no better time to show those who take great care of you how much you care with a little extra change in their pockets.

There are so many people from hairstylists, babysitters all the way to your dog groomer that you may like to say thank you to this holiday season. Be sure to keep in mind that some companies or organizations may have no-tipping policies in place, so a non-monetary gift may be a better fit for these individuals.

I thought I’d share a list with you today of who you might consider tipping and what is considered appropriate. These are only suggestion and a way to get your wheels turning, so don’t feel pressured to follow the guide completely.

Have fun sharing joy with your local service providers!

How much do I tip my Nanny, Babysitters, and Day Care Providers 

Childcare Providers

A live-in Nanny or Au Pair should receive a tip equal to one or two week’s pay and also include a handmade gift from your child.

For day care workers, $20-$75 per person who has contact with your child, as well as a personal gift from your child.

For your local babysitter, a cash gift or an extra night’s pay or gift would would well appreciated.

How much do I tip my Private Nurses, Home Healthcare Workers, Nursing Home Staff

nursing care

This is an area where you would definitely want to check company policies on tipping and gifts.

If they are not allowed, consider making a donation to the agency. If they are allowed, a thoughtful gift would be appropriate for a private nurse or home healthcare worker.

For nursing home staff, consider a gift that can be shared among the employees.

How much do I tip my Hair Stylist, Massage Therapist and other Personal Care Providers

Hair Stylist

For your barber or hair stylist, you can give a gift or cash up to the cost of one haircut or style. Depending upon if you tip for each service regularly, you could do a smaller gift.

For a massage therapist, personal trainer, or personal caregiver, a cash gift for the cost of one individual session would be appropriate.

How much do I tip my Pet Groomers and Dog Walkers

dog walker

Give a little something to those people who care for your furry friends.

A gift or cash in the amount of one session is appropriate for dog walkers. This is also true for pet groomers, but can be altered if you tip regularly.

Be sure and give a thoughtful gift to those who care for your family pets while you are out of town, too!

How much do I tip my Housekeepers, Lawn Care Providers, Handymen, and other Home Professionals


For your cleaning company, up to one week’s pay or a nice gift is appropriate. The cost for lawn care workers and gardeners may vary depending upon how regularly you use them. $20-$50 per worker or up to one week’s work is a great figure to lean on.

Your garbage and recycling collector should also be remembered this time of year. Be sure to check to see if tipping is allowed, if it is $10-$30 per worker is appropriate. If not, I have a hunch they’d enjoy a batch of cookies made with the kids.

Your handyman should receive anywhere from $15-$40 according to how much work has been performed. Your pool cleaner should receive up to the cost of one session.

If you live in a building or an apartment, be sure to consider your building superintendant, doorman, and elevator operator. You should tip your building super with a range of $20- $100, depending on how well their service has been. A doorman and elevator operator should receive $20-$1oo, unless your building association gives to those persons collectively.

Don’t forget a gift or gift card in the range of $20 for your postal carrier and newspaper delivery folks, too!

Holiday Tipping Guide: Know how much to tip your hair stylist, babysitter, mail carrier, trainer and more! This will answer your "How much do I give" questions!

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