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Hello Princess Pinky Girl readers!! This is Shonee again from Hawthorne and Main!
Does anyone else feel like dads/husbands are hard to shop for?
Maybe its just my guy….. but whenever I ask him for his wish list it includes things like a new golf club set, a big new tool, a new bigger tv,  or an electric skate board…. all of these would make amazing gifts don’t get me wrong. It’s just they don’t always fit into my budget….
This can make it hard to get a gift for him…
With father’s day fast approaching I wanted to share with you this super fun easy fathers day gift that dad is sure to love!
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Here is what you will need:
-4 boxes of candy- these are the .99cent boxes
-bamboo skewer sticks
– hot glue gun
-scrap piece of card stock
– blue tissue paper
– Gift supplies (more on this below)
To assemble the box glue the candy boxes together to make a box similar to one seen in the image below. Glue a small piece of scrap card stock or other thick paper to the bottom.
A close up of a fence
Once the box is assembled gather your gift supplies.
My earlier example suggested that my guy likes to golf…. This is the part where you need to think a little bit creatively…. Since a new golf club set is not in the budget right now I could instead get him a bunch new golf balls or a gift certificate to a course that he usually doesn’t golf at.
A big new tool is also not on a the table this year. Instead I could get him a few mini tools that I know he needs or could use. Even a gift card to his favorite home improvement store would be awesome.
Dads seem to always love chocolate/candy so I added a few kinds of splurge treats. The kinds of treats that we only get once and while. Make it special.
Even if you can’t get dad exactly what he wants there are great accessories or other odds and ends that  you could add to this gift that he will love. With a little bit of brain storming and some creativity I am sure you will come up with the best ideas for your guy!!
A wooden table next to a fence
After you have all of the gift supplies gathered up take a bamboo stick and tape one it to each of your gift items.
At this point I put a bunch of hot glue in the bottom of the box and stuck all of the sticks into the glue and held it until it dried. This method did work. If you have some floral styrofoam you could also try adding a piece of that inside the box. This way you would not have to hold the sticks while the glue hardens.
After the glue has dried, add some blue tissue paper to make it look for festive!!
A group of items on a tabletop
A bunch of items that are sitting on a counter
Gift and Box
What gifts would your guy love to see in this gift!?
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  2. It’s like a manly bouquet – I love it! Haha. What a great gift idea – and what guy doesn’t love candy??