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Hello Princess Pinky Girl readers! This is Shonee again from Hawthorne and Main and I am super excited to be here with you today!!
I love to make and giving homemade gifts. I enjoy crafting and I think it is fun to share it with others. Sometimes a purchased gift is necessary but a little homemade gift is fun too!

Today I want to show you guys how simple this DIY cement holder is to make!!!

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Here are the supplies you will need: 
  • Glass Jar
  •  Cement
  •  Copper Wire
  •  Spray Paint
  •  Needle Nose Pliers
  •  Hammer
  •  Paper Bag
  •  Safety Glasses
  • Painters Tape
To start, get a glass jar that you are ok breaking. Try looking for one at a thrift store. A jar that has some dimension or design to it will look best.
In a separate bowl mix up enough cement to fill the glass jar. Be careful not to add too much water. You only want just enough water to mix all of the cement together.
After the cement is mixed pour it into the glass jar.
Cut your copper wire into shorter lengths, varying them in size of 6-12 inches. Curl the end of each wire piece before you stick it into the cement. This will ensure that it will stay put. See the images below!
Let the cement fully dry before you move to the next step, overnight is fine.
After the cement is fully dry put the jar into a paper bag. Take it outside and use the hammer to break off the glass. Be sure to wear eye protection, we don’t want any accidents here!!
After all of the glass is removed it should look something like this. The holes in my cement are from not mixing the cement enough. The more you mix it the less holes you will get!! It also help to tap the glass jar a few times after you pour the cement in. This will help get the air bubbles out.
Cement and Glass
Cement and Glass
Now it’s time to decorate!!
Using some painters tape, tape off any areas that you would like to paint. For this one, I tapped off the bottom and spray painted it with a champagne colored spray paint. I then tapped off two triangles on either side and painted them white. Get creative!!
Glass and Paint
After the paint is dried, use some needle nose pliers to curl the ends of the copper wire under.
Cement and Paper
This is a super fun way to display cards or photos. What a great gift for those with desk jobs!!
Image and Craft
Cement and Image
A stack of flyers on a table
Cement and Craft
Image and Craft
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