10 Unusual Alternatives To Chip Clips

Hi Princess Pinky Girl fans! Kristen from PracticalMommy.com here to help you solve a very serious snacking problem. It seems like I always have half empty chip bags in my pantry and no chip clips in my kitchen. Where do they all go? They’re like the missing socks of the kitchen world…they just disappear, never to be found again. So I’ve gotten pretty good at coming up with strange alternatives to chip clips. Here are my favorites.

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Unusual Alternatives To Chip Clips

Paper clips

Paper clips are a great alternative to chip clips. I love all the variety of paper clips available too. There are so many ways to use paper clips, so it’s a good idea to stock a few in your home.

Binder clips

Binder clips are those big clunky suitcase looking paper clips. They’re great for sorting large piles of paper and also closing chip bags.

Binkie Clips

If you have a baby, then odds are that you have a binkie clip or two lying around. If you can pry it away from your baby, it’s a great way to keep a bag of chips closed. Just remember to give it back to baby when you’re done.


If you have any clothespins lying around, they make a great chip clip. They were built to hold things together, so why not! You can also paint them for a quick craft with the kids and have a keepsake chip clip any time you need one.


I happened to have some fabulous mustache duct tape handy for my chip bag, but you can also use any other kind of tape.


Definitely not my favorite way to close a bag of chips, because it always pops back open. But useful when you can’t find anything else.

Pants hanger

Have you ever considered using a pants hanger in the kitchen? Ha, probably not, unless you’ve read our post about amazing kitchen organization ideas. A pants hanger can be used to close either a really big bag of chips or TWO bags of chips. Two for one!

Hair Tie

So that’s where all my hair ties end up! It seems like I have a million and then they’re all gone. You can tie one around the top of the chip bag and basically give it a ponytail. A side-pony if you’re feeling nostalgic for your past ’80’s hairstyle.

Rubber bands

Along the same lines, you can use a plain ol’ rubber band to hold the bag closed. Works best if the bag is more than 50% full…or empty, however you view the chip bag.

Bobby Pins

Again, where do they all go?? If you can find one or two, you can use them to keep your chips from getting stale.

For other great organizing ideas, check out our post on The Best Organization Ideas On Pinterest.

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