Kids playrooms are so much cooler than they used to be!

Our kids really are some lucky ducks. There are so many cool kids playroom ideas out there these days! When I was little it was a couch and a tv and a toy chest. Nowadays playrooms are really turned into magnificent playgrounds and a place where we all want to hang out. There are storage ideas galore and so many cute ideas for decorations. Today I wanted to share some of the top playroom ideas on Pinterest with you… you guys are going to be so impressed and motivated!

Awesome Playroom Ideas

Let’s see those awesome playrooms!

Peel and Stick Posters via Cool Mom Tech

Peel and Stick Fabric Posters for a Wall via Cool Mom Tech 

High Up Hideaway via HGTV

High Up Hideaway via HGTV 

DIY Dress Up Storage by Old House to New Home

DIY Dress Up Storage by Old House to New Home 

DIY Playroom with Rock Wall by Fun at Home with Kids

DIY Playroom with Rock Wall by Fun at Home with Kids 

DIY Art Gallery Wall by the DIY Mommy

DIY Art Gallery Wall by The DIY Mommy 

Land of Nod Playroom by House of Jade Interiors

Land of Nod Playroom by House of Jade Interiors 

Magnetic Wall featured on A Cup of Jo

Magnetic Wall featured on A Cup of Jo  (see the paint via this affiliate link)

DIY PVC Pipe Ball Pit by Cup of Autism

DIY PVC Pipe Ball Pit by Cup of Autism 

Star Stage by Liz Carroll

DIY Star Stage by Liz Carroll 

Playroom Mailbox by I am Momma Hear Me Roar

Playroom Mailbox by I Am Momma Hear Me Roar 

Book Storage Wall by Project Nursery

Book Storage Wall via Project Nursery 

Under the Stairs Clubhouse by Mossy Mossy

Under the Stairs Clubhouse by Mossy Mossy 

Awesome DIY ball pit for a playroom

Awesome ball pit for a kids play room (source unknown…if you know the source please email me so I can credit them!)

Looking for some other great ideas for kids – just click on the pictures below:

Clever ways to organize your kids stuff!!

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