Rice Krispie Treats Robins Nest

Rice Krispie Treat Robins Nest

I love all of the creative ideas out there using Rice Krispie Treats!  Rice Krispie Treats are not only one of my favorite desserts, but from a creativity standpoint, it is as easy as working with clay!!  For everyone out there who knows me….a cute & easy recipe or craft totally screams my name!

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    I was wondering for the Rice Krispie Nests, how many does this make? Also I wonder if you can’t turn the muffin tin upside down and mold the Rice Krispies around each muffin cup? I love this recipe and can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing

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      Jennifer Fishkind says

      JanLee – It made about 18 for me! I think that is a FABULOUS idea to flip over the muffin top! Will you let me know how it works? I would love to see a finished product picture!


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