Hot chocolate bombs are all the rage right now, but did you know you could use your Instant Pot to make them? Once I made them like this, I will never, ever go back!

These Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Bombs are the perfect gift for your sweetheart! This recipe is super easy and no-fail. Perfect for every holiday and occasion!

Pink Hot Chocolate Bombs
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Easy Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipe

Hot chocolate bombs hit the internet, well, like a bomb! They truly exploded! We shared our How to Make Chocolate Bombs recipe a few months ago and they went crazy!

However, I am happy to report that we have now perfected the recipe even more and are excited to share our Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Bomb recipe with you that we made using the instant pot!

I am telling you, once you use the instant pot to make chocolate bombs, you will never ever go back!

Also, we changed the molds too. We used these instant pot egg bite molds and they worked amazing!

Why We Love This Recipe

  • Super easy, no-fail recipe.
  • You can change the color of the chocolate and sprinkles for any occasion and holiday.
  • Using the instant pot melts the chocolate perfectly and keeps it melted without burning it.
  • No “gluing” together!
  • Kid-friendly and approved.
  • So fun to make (and to eat!)
Pink Hot Chocolate Bombs being place in a mug

Ingredients / Shopping List

  • 24 oz pink candy melts (bright pink)
  • 2 cups of marshmallows
  • 7 tablespoons hot chocolate powder
  • Sprinkles (optional, but not in my house!)

Equipment Needed

How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs in the Instant Pot (you can also use the microwave!)

This recipe will come together in 4 easy steps. You will be shocked once you make your first batch as to how easy it is.Candy melts in instant pot

  1. Melt the chocolate.Melted candy melts in instant pot
  2. Brush the chocolate to coat the inside completely of each mold. Let it set.silicone mold with chocolate
  3. Fill with the hot chocolate powder and marshmallows.marshmallows on chocolate bomb mold
  4. Pour more chocolate over the top of the marshmallows to “seal” the hot chocolate bomb. Let set. pink chocolate in silicone mold

Variations / Options / Add-In’s

Chocolate – You can use any color candy melts for this recipe and make them for any occasion! Just by changing the color and the toppings! We love some of the following combinations.

  • Halloween – Orange candy melts with black, purple or green sprinkles. You can even make it look like a pumpkin!
  • Christmas – Green candy melts (put a heart on top and make it a Grinch hot chocolate bomb). Chocolate bombs with peppermint sprinkled on top. There are so many options!!
  • St. Patricks Day – Green chocolate melts with white chocolate drizzle.
  • Birthday Chocolate Bombs – White chocolate candy melts and drizzled with multiple colored chocolate and sprinkles.
Pink Hot Chocolate Bombs around a cup of hot chocolate

Filling – of course, you must have the hot chocolate powder, but we love to add other things inside for a real delicious surprise.

  • Pumpkin spice
  • Red velvet hot choco mix
  • Peppermint
  • Cinnamon
  • Butterscotch
  • Powdered coffee creamer (add a little bit to the hot chocolate mix for some yummy flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, etc.)

Toppings – The toppings are what make it adorable! Get creative! Here are a few ideas

  • Change the color of the chocolate drizzle to match the occasion. Sprinkles also are a must have for a cute and festive hot chocolate bomb!
  • Carmel and sea salt
  • Crushed graham crackers – for a s’mores bomb
  • Crushed peppermint
  • Crushed Oreo cookies


  • Make sure to grease the inside of the mold so the hot chocolate bombs don’t stick.
  • When ready to use, heat up milk and just drop in 1 or 2 bombs depending on how chocolatey you prefer! We prefer using milk over water for a creamier hot chocolate!
mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows in it and pink hot chocolate bombs surrounding it

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Hot Chocolate Bombs for Valentines Day

Instant Pot Hot Cocoa Bombs

Serves — 14
Hot chocolate bombs made in the Instant pot! Perfect for every holiday and occasion. Once I made them like this, I will never, ever go back!
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


  • 24 oz candy melts bright pink
  • 2 cups marshmallows
  • 7 tablespoons hot chocolate powder
  • Sprinkles optional


  • Turn your instant pot onto sauté mode. Place one and a half cups of water inside your instant pot. Place a glass bowl that will fit in your instant pot as it will act as a double broiler. (NOTE: you can also melt the candy in the microwave – just follow the instructions on the bag!)
  • Add in your candy melts to the bowl. Continue to mix until the chocolate has completely melted.
  • Lightly grease the inside of your silicone molds. Add chocolate to your molds making sure that chocolate is completely coating the mold on the inside (you want the chocolate layer kind of thick). Place in the freezer for about five minutes.
  • Remove your molds from the freezer. Add a half a tablespoon of cocoa powder and about 4 marshmallows per mold.
  • Add more of your melted chocolate on top of the marshmallows to close the mold and lock the cocoa and marshmallows from coming out. Return to the freezer for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Remove your cocoa bombs by pushing on the silicone side of the mold until the bomb pops out.
  • With a spoon, drizzle your remaining chocolate over the bombs. Immediately add your sprinkles before the chocolate hardens.
  • Please one or two bombs in your favorite mug and pour hot milk over it to melt the chocolate releasing the hot cocoa and marshmallows.
  • Stir with a spoon and enjoy!

Nutrition Info

Calories: 171kcal | Carbohydrates: 27g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 7g | Saturated Fat: 6g | Sodium: 94mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 24g | Calcium: 8mg | Iron: 1mg

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    These look better than the other recipes I’ve seen that require putting two half-spheres together. But they look so much smaller- is 1/2 T. of cocoa powder enough to turn milk into hot chocolate?