That’s right ladies, it is all about you here. Unfortunately, we’re talking about you and cleaning. Yuck right? If I never have to clean another toilet again … Well that will never happen! Since we are stuck cleaning our homes for the next million years (it seems), let’s come up with an actual schedule we can keep up with.

The Perfect Cleaning Schedule

Hi Princess Pinky Girl fans! Kristen from here to talk to you about setting up a personalized cleaning schedule. I’m not the first blogger to write about a cleaning schedule. But I bet I’m one of the only ones who will tell it to you straight and build in time to blow off cleaning! I know it’s kinda crazy, but let’s be real here – an hour feels so much longer when you are planning than it actually is when you are vacuuming or mopping. In mopping hours, what you think will take you about an hour can easily take 2 or 3.

So let’s get that out of the way right now. This cleaning schedule is FOR YOU, BY YOU. I am giving you permission to say “Nope! Not today!” Of course you can’t do that all the time, but you get the idea. If your cleaning schedule says you need to wipe out the fridge tonight, but you were literally up all night with a sick kid – please try to go to sleep early. That dirty fridge will still be there tomorrow.

Step 1 – What all do you have to clean?

Nobody’s cleaning schedule will look the same as yours. Nobody’s house looks like yours. How many floors do you have? How many bedrooms? How many square feet? How many toilets do you have to keep clean? What we’re looking for in step 1 is high level things, for example – kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, master bathroom, laundry room, patio, garage, etc. Write it all down.

Step 2 – Take some out

What did you write on your list that you can remove? Does hubby take care of the patio and garage? Ok, cross those off and tell him “Thank You” (very important!). Do your kids clean their own rooms? If so, cross those off.

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Step 3 – Break it down

Now write down what needs to be cleaned in each room. EVERYTHING! Even the stuff you have always wanted to “get to” but never have. For example, in the kitchen I have: dishes, wipe counters, wipe front of fridge, clean inside fridge, clean oven, etc.

Step 4 – Timeline

Now take each item and give it a timeline. How often do you need to do the dishes? Every day. How often do you need to clean the oven? Ummmm. BE HONEST. It won’t work if you lie and say you will clean the oven once a week. I don’t know anyone who cleans their oven every week. And if you do, that’s awesome. But that doesn’t match up with my lifestyle.
So. Be honest. Put a reachable goal here.

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Step 5 – Organize it

No start organizing everything that you need to do every day, every week, every month, and every year together.

Take a good hard look at this list, especially the daily and weekly lists. I have a tendency to over schedule myself, and leave no margins for LIFE. Then I dont meet my (unrealistic) goals and get depressed.

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Don’t put things in the daily list that could really be weekly goals. Or weekly goals that should be monthly goals. And when you think you’ve pared down as much as possible – take something out.

If you honestly can’t reduce your list to a realistic level it’s time to start asking for help. Your husband, your kids, maybe even your mother in law can help. OR just say no. Maybe there is something (or some things) on your list that you just have to say “buh-bye” too. That’s ok too.

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