A close up of food on a plate, with Quesadilla

A slice of pizza on a paper plate, with Tortilla and Quesadilla

Is it me or does time seem to be moving at an extremely quick pace? The other day I was running around doing errands, cleaning up the house, organizing various things and then realized that I needed to eat something. I didn’t have a bunch of time (as it was almost time to head to the next thing) and didn’t have much in the fridge to chose from. In fact, at first glance my thought was ‘there isn’t anything to eat in here!’… which translates to – there isn’t anything MADE and whatever you want you’ll have to make. Don’t you hate that sometimes? Especially when you’re in a hurry?

That’s when quick & easy meals are lifesavers. This quesadilla came to me when I only had a handful of minutes and very few ingredients. Point being – you can have this anytime, and I’ll bet you already have everything you need to make it. It’s SO delicious and with the pop of pico de gallo it’s a healthy and fast lunch or dinner idea!

Turkey and Swiss Quesadilla
2 whole wheat tortillas
2 1/2 pieces deli-sliced swiss cheese
1 1/2 pieces deli-sliced turkey
2 tbsp. pico de gallo (optional)

Heat grill to 350 degrees. Spray with cooking oil spray. Add one tortilla, top with cheese & turkey (making sure there is cheese showing throughout to stick to the other tortilla). Lastly, top with remaining tortilla. Cook on each side until cheese is melted and tortilla is slightly crispy. Cut into fourths, top with pico de gallo and enjoy!

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A close up of a bowl of food, with Cheese and Quesadilla

A close up of a piece of food, with Quesadilla and Sandwich

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