Meet Judd. Judd is my own personal Mensch on a Bench. That’s right, you heard me correctly, my Mensch on a Bench. Christmas has Elf on a Shelf – Jews now have Mensch on a Bench!!!

Now you may ask – first, what is a Mensch on a Bench – He is the brilliant creation of Neal Hoffman (THANK YOU so much, Neal for sending me my Mensch – they were sold out, but he found one special one just for me!!!). The Mensch on a Bench book tells the story of Moshe the Mensch who was in the temple when Judah and the Maccabees won the war against the Greeks. There was only enough oil for one night, but who would watch over the Menorah while everyone was sleeping? Moshe the Mensch!

You may also ask – why Judd? Well, one of the rules of the Mench on the Bench (we will get more into the rules in a minute) is Rule #1 – Name your Mensch. I named my Mensch after a very special person in my life. One of my dearest friends is converting to Judaism. Let’s get one thing straight here, she is honestly already more Jewish than me. She cooks Jewish, talks Jewish…. she explains the holidays to me! She also was the first person I called when Neal sent me my very own Mensch and she was just as crazy excited as I was! I couldn’t use her first name because, let’s just say – it isn’t necessarily a traditional Jewish name AND she is a SHE and this Mensch is most certainly a HE. BUT, her last name is PERFECT – even a little bad ass for a Mensch… and my Mensch is definitely a little bad ass!!! So Judd he is!

Now, there are a few other important rules that you must follow with your Mensch:

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Needless to say, we had a lot of fun with Judd. He has been all over the place and getting into a little bit of trouble. Take a look at some of the fun we had with Judd – our favorite Mensch!

Our Mensch arrives compliments of Neal!

Bench and Book

We read the story and learn about all of the rules Bench and Princess

Judd checks out our Menorah and shelves (wants to see what the fuss the Elf is making about the shelf!)IMG_1103 A fire place sitting in a room

Bella checking out the new member of our family – she isn’t so sure about him – looks yummy though!A dog wearing a costume

Judd getting comfortable – staking claim on the remote and the Beats IMG_1107 A person sitting in a chair

A little wand duel followed by an Uno duel with our resident Smurf IMG_1119IMG_1120

Time for tea with the frog and the Queen A small child sitting on a table

Judd is a less traditional Mensch!Bench and Princess

Hanging out at Temple, getting ready to address the congregation! IMG_1151 IMG_1139 IMG_1153

Sitting back, enjoying an evening decaf and reflecting on his great day!Bench and Image

Couldn’t find the Manischewitz….. oh well, it is 5:00 somewhere! IMG_1114


Want your own Mensch on a Bench? Check out the website at

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