One of my kids favorite breakfasts is egg in the hole! It is one of my favorites too because it is a “dad breakfast”! Which means I don’t have to make it! This is one of my husbands specialties, which means it is easy!

Egg in a Hole - Princess Pinky Girl



  • 1 piece of bread (we love to use challah – it has a sweetness to it that makes this extra delicious!)
  • 1 egg
  • Butter or margarine


Step 1: Lightly butter the piece of bread–both sides!

Step 2:  Cut a small hole in the piece of bread.

Step 3: Use a skillet or frying pan (let it warm up a bit on medium heat). Place the bread on the warmed up pan or skillet.

Step 4:  Carefully crack the egg into the hole in the bread. Let cook until the egg sets about 1 minute or so.

Step 5:  Flip the bread/egg over and let cook for another minute, gently press down with a spatula.

Step 6:  Cook to egg preference. We like ours more well done and not runny.

Step 7:  Enjoy!!

How to make an egg in a hole

This is a quick , easy and healthy breakfast. Your kids will love it! You can also use a cookie cutter to cut out cute shapes in the bread for even more fun!!

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  1. We’ve been making these for years ? we call them eggs in a nest — and we use gluten-free bread — our kids love them!

  2. Our family has been cooking and eating these eggs since I can remember. We have always called them “GoldMines” and reserve eating them for camping excursions. My roommate in college use to make them as well but her family called them “Eggs in a Frame”. No matter what you call them, they are good.

  3. Wow what a coincidence! I came across your French toast in a mug which lead to this post and wanted to tell you that I had been doing these eggs in a whole for a while but with the addition of maple syrup on top. It sounds weird but my family love them! I’ll try your recipe now!

  4. We always called them Egyptian Eyes. They were a lot of fun to make, and eat when we were little. Haven’t had one in a long time and over Thanksgiving, I found my dad teaching my son how to make them!

  5. We call them birds nests, my kids like “runny yolk” to dip toast in so I switched to Texas toast it gives the egg more room so as not to be squished and pop the yolk.

  6. Jenn, this is a great family breakfast idea and I love the idea of cutting with cookie cutters. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing at Best of the Weekend! Enjoy a wonderful day!