Full disclosure…. I don’t really cook, I assemble. My middle son came home from camp raving about the camp food. Now if you have ever been to camp or know anyone who has ever been to camp you will understand what an insult this really is!!

As many of you, we have a pretty hectic life. There are few nights that we aren’t rushing to soccer or tennis or tutor or some other type of activity. On the few days that we are together we like to sit down and eat as a family (well, me and my husband do, the boys typically complain.)  My kids are not the easiest to please…..this one doesn’t like this, this one doesn’t like that. I have found a few go-to recipes that meet three criteria … 1. Four out of five family members will eat it. 2. Has fewer than 10 ingredients (and these must be items that I would normally keep in the house)  3. Takes fewer than 20 min (not including baking time) and involves not much more than mixing.

Pop-Over Pizza

A pizza sitting on top of a table
This is a most loved in our house. It is super easy and you can sneak veggies in there!

Taco Bake

A close up of a slice of pizza on a paper plate, with Taco
This one substitutes for our Taco Tuesdays. Sometimes you just need a change and this is just what the doctor (or chef) ordered. It is quick, easy and my family loves it!

Zesty Slow Cooked BBQ Chicken

A sandwich on a plate, with Barbecue and Slow cooker
So, I received a slow cooker for my wedding. Never, ever used it. Found this recipe and thought I would give it a try – AH-mazing and crazy easy
(who knew how great a crock-pot was!!…. answer: everyone but me apparently)!!
A pizza sitting on top of a table
Who doesn’t love chicken parmesan? This takes ten minutes to prepare and is”healthier delicious alternative to the traditional chicken parm! Give it a try, it will not disappoint!

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  1. I am cracking up! I love how you said you assemble! Girlfriend, I feel your struggle! It truly is like that most nights!! Thank you so much for giving a shout out to one of mine!

  2. I appreciate the recipes but disagree with your statement about camp food. I volunteered and then worked at a camp for almost 7 years and the food was delicious. We had amazing recipes along with amazing cooks. When I think of a good, home cooked meal, I often think of camp food!