Crockpot, More Crockpot and Even More Crockpot Recipes (for the crockpotting challenged)

I cannot believe the amazing response I received from my last crockpot post!  My eyes have been opened to the wonderful world of crockpots!  I am a believer!  They are totally magical – you throw a whole bunch of stuff in a pot, turn it on, leave it alone for 6-8 hours and you have a totally delicious meal (and the best news is clean-up is a cinch especially if you use a crockpot liner!!!).  I have scoured the Internet looking for delicious crockpot recipes to try – some I have tried, some are on my to-do list… some I will have my sister make for me (xoxo Julie!!!).  Please leave me some comments and let me know which one is your favorite!!!  xoxo

Crockpot Loaded Baked Potato Soup


Skinny Beef Enchiladas

Chicken Fried Quinoa

Crockpot Ravioli


Crowd Pleaser Chicken

Slowcooker Enchilada Soup

Crockpot Chicken Bacon and Ranch Pasta

Now remember, leave me a comment on which one is your favorite!!!


  1. 1
    Tonya Felder says:

    Crockpot Baked Potato Soup…yum!

  2. 3

    Thanks for sharing my Crockpot Ravioli recipe! It is a family favorite here and is perfect for a busy weeknight!

    Off to check out the rest of these delicious slow cooker ideas. Totally pinning too!

  3. 5

    Thanks for including my Crock Pot Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta!

  4. 7

    Need some healthy, easy (non-stewish) crockpot recipes.

  5. 9

    Hi.. how can i find previous reciipes you have posted? I am trying to find one for sticky BBQ meatballs done in a crock pot.. can you help me find that one? thanks!


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