I am very excited to team up with Dole Packaged Foods to share some healthier Easter recipes that your friends and family will celebrate!

Easter is around the corner, but the term “Easter Treat” doesn’t have to mean candy, chocolate and overall unhealthy! That’s right, there are other ways to have a delicious Easter treat without a ton of sugar and chocolate. This year, I have partnered with Dole Packaged Foods to share some great recipe ideas that are not only healthier alternatives to those sugary Easter recipes, but your family will not even realize that they are eating healthy, because they are also so delicious! While these may not be picture perfect healthy, what we love about them is they offer a lighter alternative to all of those mountains of chocolate bunnies! Let’s check out those healthier Easter treats!

Great alternatives for healthier easter recipes - some lighter Easter treats options

If you get a minute, check out Dole’s Pinterest and Instagram – they are constantly sharing great new recipes and ideas – not to mention, Dole always uses the highest quality, Non-GMO fruits and vegetables, which is super important for those growing kids! I love the convenience and ease of all of Dole’s packaged foods – it helps me make my day a little bit easier and my kids love the taste – it’s a win-win for our family and for our table!

Easter Egg Fruit Pizza from Sugar Hero – this adorable Easter Egg Fruit Pizza not only is beyond adorable, but it is delicious! The Strawberry cream cheese frosting adds a nice spring-y (is that a word) taste, that ties the whole dessert together! YUM!

Healthy Easter Treat - Easter Egg Fruit Pizza from Sugar Hero

Easter Egg yogurt popsicles from Eats Amazing – Everything about these breakfast popsicles my kids would love! I mean what kid wouldn’t want a “Popsicle” for breakfast…right. They are really great for any time of the day – makes the perfect healthy snack!

Easter Egg Breakfast Popsicles made with yogurt from Eats Amazing

Pineapple Mandarin Icebox Cake from Dole – This is a delightful no-bake cake, featuring ladyfingers, crushed pineapple, and Mandarin oranges. While it is super easy to make – when you take it out for dessert, your guests will surely be impressed!

Pineapple Mandarin Icebox Cake

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Carrots from Lil Luna  – OMG these “carrots” are the cutest thing ever! I love how Lil Luna paired them on top of a “dirt” pudding cup – super adorable, right?

Easter Dessert - Strawberry "carrots" a healthier Easter dessert

Peep Fruit Kabobs from Amees Savory Dish – Whoever invented fruit kabobs is totally genius! For some reason my kids love to eat ANYTHING on a stick – especially fruit. AND put a peep in the middle – it is like the best Easter treat ever!!!

Easter Fruit Kabobs (with PEEPS) so cute!

Creamy Mixed Fruit Smoothie from Dole – A good fruit smoothie is a total no brainer in my house. They are a quick and easy to make snack that my kids love and beyond healthy. The possibilities are endless for what you can put in them. Put it in a cute Easter themed glass and you are all set!!

Easy Mixed Fruit Smoothie

Bunny Tray Fruit Platter from Worth Pinning – This reminds me of the Veggie Turkey Tray that I posted during Thanksgiving! That was such a huge hit – I cannot even begin to imagine how excited my kids would be to eat this fruit from this Easter fruit tray!! I love the string cheese for the whiskers! Worth Pinning does an excellent job showing you exactly how to pull off this adorable Easter treat!

Bunny Fruit Platter from Worth Pinning

Pineapple Poke Cake from Dole – There is nothing more delicious than a good poke cake! You have to love the flavor infused into the cake for extra special deliciousness!! This is a true win for the perfect Easter dinner dessert!

Pineapple poke cake



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  1. Where Is the recipe for pineapple mandarin icebox cake

  2. I absolutely love these ideas! Cute enough that the kids would think of them as a treat but healthy enough to serve as breakfast!