This Toy Car Carrier is easy to make and your kids will love bringing it everywhere they go.

Car and Mat

Hi everyone! It’s Katie from Made to be a Momma here again! My Jakey is  3 and he loves his automobiles. He has a ton of Hot Wheel cars, monster trucks of all sizes, nerf guns and more. He has a collection of about 8 cars/monster trucks that he keeps with him everywhere. He even begs me to take them to the store with us. I decided it was about time to make this to car carrier to carry his favorite cars around with us to places like stores, restaurants and church.

Materials used:
1 piece of fabric  (17 x 5 inches)
1 piece of fabric —pocket piece ( 17 x 6 )
1 piece of black felt  (17 x 5 inches)
1 piece of fabric–main piece (17 x 10 inches)
yellow felt
sewing machine and supplies
I made this car carrier the same exact way as I made my crayon roll. The only thing I did differently was added felt at the top for a road affect and made my sewn lines farther apart so a small matchbox car would fit.
My little guy loves this thing and it keeps him busy at the times it matter mosts!


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  1. My grandson loves his cars. He is about to be joined by a baby brother so i am going to make your car carrier as a gift for him as a special treat. Great idea thanks