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As much as I love food, I have to admit that I’ve gotten into a rut. Sure, our mac and cheese might be homemade, but it’s still mac and cheese. Even my kids have started to subtly nudge me into trying out something else…with the help of Netflix, of course. They have mad skills when it comes to persuasion tactics.

My Kids' Crazy Persuasion Tactics - Princess Pinky Girl

Have you ever seen Chef’s Table? It’s Netflix’s new docuseries that gets inside the minds of culinary geniuses from around the world. Let’s just say, mac and cheese is not on their minds. At all. Not even the homemade kind.

I’ll never be a Michelin star chef, but that hasn’t stopped me from admiring those who are. Anyone who can use the words “food” and “provocative” in the same sentence and make it sound mysterious and sexy is definitely a master of his craft. I’d be happy to use the words “food” and “kid-approved” in a sentence and have it be true!

My Kids' Crazy Persuasion Tactics_ AKA How They Get Me to Do What They Want

I probably would have gotten around to watching the show at some point in time (I love Netflix’s documentaries!), but my kids have been turning it on when we’re hanging out in the living room together and leaving it open for me to find on my tablet. The cartoons they normally watch have been sidelined in their efforts to persuade me to watch a new show and get inspired to cook. They’ve even offered to cook together with me. They’re that desperate for new easy dinner recipes!

I applaud (and am slightly in awe!) of their subtle tactics. I had to laugh though, because Netflix came up with this awesome persuasion infographic that fit my kids’ tactics perfectly. It’s like they were reading their minds!

Crazy Persuasion Tactics - How to persuade someone to watch a new show!

In addition to Netflix improving our dinner recipe options this month, it’s also been pulling at my mommy heartstrings. Family is such a big part of my life and the rawness in the new show Atypical has been hitting me hard. It’s definitely not a show to watch with your little ones around, but it’s a strong contender for after they’re tucked in at night and you’re lounging on the sofa.

Atypical - A New Netflix Original Series that has all the feels!

It’s the story of a family who has a teenage son with autism and how they all learn to navigate new territory as a family. From new emotions to self-discovery to dating, the writers manage to cram every bit of feels into each episode. When Jennifer Jason Leigh says, “My family is fragile,” I just wanted to reach through the tv, hug her and say, “All families are fragile, Mama! We’ve got you!” Like I said, it makes me emotional.

I’m going to be trying out some of my kids’ persuasion tactics to entice my hubs to watch the next episode with me. Thankfully, he loves Netflix as much as I do and is usually open to trying new shows. The Netflix Original shows have been killing it lately, but there are a ton of new shows that have been added that I know he’ll love.

There's a show for everyone on Netflix!

It sounds funny, but we actually have a three episode minimum trial-period for new shows. If we want to try something new, we give it three episodes. If, by the third episode, we’re still not into it, we move on to a new show. If we love it, we stick with it and usually end up binge watching it far too late at night. For those times when we have different opinions, we agree to disagree and watch the other episodes when the other isn’t around. The joys of streaming entertainment!

So, go try out your persuasion tactics this month and get someone you love to try a new show. You never know, it might change the way you view your family or, at the very least, the way you feed them!

I am very excited to be a member of the Netflix Stream Team! That’s right – I am a lucky girl – Netflix provides me with their amazing streaming services and I get to tell my kids “sorry, I can’t help you right now, I am working”, while watching The Crown!! #STREAMTEAM

Disclosure – This post is part of a sponsorship partnership with Netflix – all opinions are 100% my own.

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