Halloween is so much fun. I had such a blast with the last post and tons of comments that I thought it would be good to find some more ideas! My decorations are going up this weekend, pictures to come. I would love to see some of your ideas that you are going to try or some pictures of your DIY wins or fails!!

Mummy Front Door – Can’t find a better decoration for less than $1!! All you need is white streamers and construction paper!

A screen shot of a computer
source: Dina Holland Interiors
Ding Dong the Witch is Dead – Striped stocking and cotton batting (or even a dollar store pool noodle) and a old pair of heels is all you need to put this witch out of her misery!
decoration and Image
This one is super easy and can be done by just using materials around the house. All you need is a scissors, black construction paper and tape!!!
A lamp that is on a table
source: younghouselove.com
Eyeballs in a Tree – Also a really inexpensive decoration – just need two white inflatable beach balls and a large tip Sharpie – the hardest part is getting them up in the tree 🙂 – leaving that part to the husband!
A tree in the middle of a lush green field

Ice Cold Hand – Super easy – all you need to a rubber glove filled with water and frozen! My kinda project!

Pumpkin and Holiday
source: unknown
DIY Halloween Copper Mugs from Sprinkle of Glam

DIY Halloween Copper Mugs

Source: Sprinkle of Glam

Looking for some other fun Halloween ideas? Click on the pictures below:

Very Cool Pumpkin Ideas

Healthy Halloween Treats

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