Hello to all of you Princess Pinky Girl fans…..I am her sister-in-law, Jodie…..the one with the daughter she wanted to name “Princess Pinky Girl.” Well, that didn’t happen, but I did agree she could give my daughter her first make-up kit if that counts for anything.
Like most mom’s I love cool products, especially when they make my life easier. So, here are a few of my favorite things:

Sassy Grow Up Cups


A cup of coffee, with Bib and Pacifier

Sassy Grow Up Cups are great because there is no nipple to chew on, which means there is no seal to break, and therefore no spills. It also helps kids learn to drink from a regular cup easier and faster than traditional sippy cups. My son liked to drink from my daughter’s Sassy cup, so instead of transitioning him from the bottle to a sippy cup, he went straight to the Sassy cup. I found mine at Babies r Us or at www.sassybaby.com/sassy-grow-up-cup.

Booginhead – “Bink Leash”

Pacifier and Leash
Okay, if you are anti-pacifier,  then this one is not for you, but my kids both used them or “binks” as they came to be. The “bink leash”, as my husband named it, is a clip on strap for a pacifier that attaches to your child’s clothing, car seat, or stroller.


I recall chasing down many rolling pacifiers; some were never found and the ones that were had to be thoroughly washed or dipped in Purell. These work on ALL pacifiers, even the Soothies, which are typically given at the hospital. We found these to be particularly useful on the plane, shopping, or at theme parks, but they are good anytime. Available at https://booginhead.com/products/paci-grip or Babies r Us.

Kids Konserve Food Kozy

Bag and Plastic
If you are “green”, hate throwing away plastic bags, or just like cool stuff, check out Kids Konserve wraps https://kidskonserve.com. These are not only great for wrapping sandwiches and snacks, but double as a place mat. When my daughter started preschool they required that she have a place mat for her lunch and this was the perfect solution.

Waterproof Bibs

I don’t know if your kids drooled a lot when teething, but both mine did and it was hard to find a bib that kept them dry. Of course you could always change their bibs and shirts every hour, but who has time for that…..and who wants more laundry? Teething bibs from Carter’s worked best because of the triple waterproof lining. They are thick and can handle a lot of wetness and most importantly, there are a ton of cute designs to chose from.
A close up of a person


Just a note…the ‘Just One You’ brand made by Carter’s are not quite as good, so beware.
A close up of an object
There is another bib I love which is great for feeding. It’s by Bumpkins and available at Target. It’s thin and waterproof with no liner on the back so it can be washed at the sink and dries fast. It also has the food pocket to catch all the extra food missed by little mouths. And yes….cute designs.


Fun Bites

Fun bites are awesome for picky eaters or for just some fun with food! Try it with cheese, fruit, sandwiches, waffles and more!   Click on this link to purchase.
A tray of food on a table, with Sandwich and Tea
A plastic container of food, with Bib and Sandwich

The No-Throw Stroller Toys 

How many times have your kids thrown toys, books, or other “keep them entertained” items out of their strollers? Too many to count, especially when they start learning about gravity. There are several varieties of books, some of which are cloth with a small teether built in or touch and feel cards, but they will all do the trick. So, you just attach the book to the stroller or car seat and then you have one less thing to worry about.
However, there are no guarantees these books will keep your child content for hours, but then again, what will?
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I hope you find some of these products useful – I am always looking for new ideas, so please share you favorite baby and toddler products in the comments below!
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