So similar to my issues with beauty products, I have a similar obsession with kitchen gadgets. If you have read my recipe posts, you will know this is incredibly ironic seeing that I don’t really cook. However, I do have an incredible knack for good gadgets (partly due to my BFF Meg who usually finds them first, then I have to immediately run out and purchase them). So here they are, the top 5 gadgets you never knew you couldn’t live without….

New! Meat Rake – $22

Beef and Kitchen
If you ever have shredded chicken, beef, pork, ribs, etc., you will understand that it can be tough with a regular fork. These ergonomically designed tools are designed to fit comfortably in your hands and make light of a tough job! Try using these with the Zesty Slow Cooked BBQ Chicken recipe (SO yummy!!) in my post 4 Easy Family Friendly Recipes for the Cooking Challenged!

Salad Chopper – $25

A bowl of food, with Gadget and Salad

I love me a finely chopped salad, the more chopped, the better. This is the best tool for it! It comes with both the bowl (which doesn’t get all damaged from the chopper) and the chopper, which sort of resembles a double pizza cutter. Chopolicious!


Chopstir – $7.50

A woman cooking food in a kitchen, with Gadget

Another tool in the chopping family. This one is also a favorite! It chops ground beef or turkey beautifully in small little pieces! Works so much better than a spatula – don’t know how I lived without it!

 Click this link to purchase!

Sheet Cake/Pie Cutter – 19.95

Cake and Pie
I love those huge Costco sheet cakes – they are the best deal and soooo good, but they are a mess to cut and serve. I end up with different size pieces and frosting all over my hands (not always a bad thing since the calories don’t count if it is due to entertaining.)  This tool, however, is wonderful! Makes the serving of the birthday cake to 20 screaming 8 year olds…. a piece of cake (hahahahahahaha.)
Click this link to purchase!

Corn Peeler – $10

A close up of corn
So you may be asking, why would you ever need to peel corn on the cob? I asked the same question, then my oldest son got braces (you may say “it’s also good for making soup or other things – well I have never made those things so braces is why I needed it). Have you ever tried cutting it off with a knife? Well, I found two issues with that…. first, I would lose half of the corn, I either never got close enough to the cob and only got half the kernel or I would get too much cob cut off with the kernels. Second, corn is not the most stable thing to cut and I almost lost a finger…multiple times. This makes it quick and easy to pull it off the cob!! Love this tool!!

Jar Opener $9.99

Tool and Jar
I swear they are putting the lids on tighter than ever! We have had this jar opener for years and years and it has been a life saver on many occasions! This thing works!!!!

Click this link to purchase!

Travel Humidifier – $29

Hotel rooms are always super dry – when I used to travel a lot for work, this baby would have for sure come in handy!!
A person lying on a table
Would love to hear about some other kitchen gadgets – or any type of gadget for that matter – that I need! Let me know your favorites!!
Jennifer Fishkind

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Jenn is a mom to three beautiful boys, wife to an amazing husband, social influencer and blogger. I love all things easy recipes, easy crafts, all things hacks, traveling EVERYWHERE and feeding my Pinterest addiction!

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    1. yup. You put a rubber band around the lid, (where ur hands would grip the lid to open) and the lid opens right up! The rubber helps u grip the Los and it twists easily

      1. get a chuch key as i know them buy and put the pointed end up under the edge of the lip of the jar lide and pull out slightly to release the air seal and the lid will twist right off.

  1. Cut a piece of that rubbery shelf liner the size of a pot holder. Just lay it over the lid and turn ! I have been using the same piece for over 10 years. I saw some at a craft show where they crocheted a little row of yarn around the edge of the same thing just to dress it up a bit.

    1. Maureen, SO glad you like them! If you come across any good gadgets, send them my way – I am a total gadget junkie!

  2. Howdy! Enjoyed reading about those gadgets. I, too, am a gadget lady. If it makes life easier, I’ll buy it 🙂
    My favorite is the Vidalia Chop Wizard. I use it to chop all kinds of fruits and vegetables. My son told me about it. He bought his first! Can’t live without it.

  3. Thanks for this idea! I have a roll of that stuff now. I will try it..can’t wait to open something lol!