10 Easy Upcycling Ideas

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Upcycling Ideas Who hasn’t seen something cute at a craft fair or art fair and said to themselves – “I could TOTALLY do that!”?  I know I have, however, 99.9% of the time, I haven’t even attempted it.  Then, if I did, it was an epic fail!  Well, I found these GREAT DIY upcycling ideas [...]

Me Before You – A Girls Trip!

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Before we begin, this is not a book review – I have heard it is a GREAT book, but I haven’t ready it yet!  So if you are looking to hear more about the book, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, wrong place (but you can buy it here!). This is a story about four [...]

8 Amazingly Delicious Adult Drink Recipes

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We have 8 yummy Adult Drink Recipes to share with you today. These aren’t your ordinary margarita or martini recipes, these are going to knock your socks off.  There are recipes that range from adding ice cream to make an Adult Moscato Float to skinny cocktails with low calories but lots of taste!  You’re sure [...]

Crunchy (spicy) Baked Chickpeas


I am obsessed – I just made THE BEST snack ever!  Spicy crunchy baked chickpeas – but here’s the thing –  I despise chickpeas – hate them….. pick them off of my salad…. H.A.T.E.  But I L.O.V.E these!!   THE BEST news is that they are crazy easy to make!!!  I did it all by [...]

Candy Cane Valentine Suckers


I am sure each one of you has asked yourself “What’s a girl to do with all of those extra mini candy canes that she found on sale for 90% off at Target after Christmas?” – Well, fear not my friends – I have a project for you!!  Candy Cane Valentine Suckers!!! I originally found [...]

Mac and Cheese Recipe Round-Up


Growing up, mac & cheese was one of my all time favorites.  I still sneak bites when my kids are eating it.  However, just like I have grown up, so has mac & cheese…. and I couldn’t be happier!  Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food and restaurants have been busy giving it a [...]

Great Organization Ideas!

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Pinterest has some of the most genius ideas!  I have found some great organization ideas on there!  I have already dedicated a couple of posts to organization tips (see Home Organization Tips & Home Organizing Ideas – Can we ever get enough?) When New Year’s comes around there are always a crazy number of new ideas that start [...]

Athleta vs. Target – Workout Clothes Review


I am a lucky girl – my “work clothes” consist of a workout tank, black workout pants and some type of zip up or sweatshirt.  Do I work out everyday?  Ummm….not so much.  Do I have the intention to work out everyday….. Ummm…. sort of!   But, regardless, this is pretty much what I wear [...]