The Power of Sleepaway Camp

sleepaway camp

The Power of Sleepaway Camp This morning is the first morning of my “vacation”.  All three of my boys are at sleepaway camp for the first time ever.  Usually we  always have at least one of my kids home, but this year the stars aligned and all three are away for 6 days at the [...]

Omelet Muffins

omelet muffins square

Omelet Muffins Back to school is approaching waaayy too quickly.  I don’t know about you, but I am usually rushing around the house trying to get backpacks packed up, lunches ready, kids dressed and out to the bus on time!  Oh wait – AND MAKE BREAKFAST!!  Well, these Omelet Muffins are not only healthy, filling [...]

Best Parenting Advice

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You may have read my articles on The Stupidest Thing People Say to Pregnant Women or The Stupidest Unsolicited Parenting Advice – BUT many of us have received amazing parenting advice that has made us stop and go – “Wow… yes, you’re right… that is SO smart!!”  I asked my readers what was the BEST [...]

House Hacks

House Hacks2

Raise your hand if you have a Pinterest Board for your future home or home renovation ideas?  You know, the one that is for the “if I ever build a house, I really MUST do this!”  Well, I decided to share some of my favorite house hacks that I have seen around Pinterest and the internet! [...]

Join Us for the Smart Moms at Home Google+ Hangout!

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Whether you’re trying to get your family’s summer routine in order or attempting to potty train, don’t go it alone! Find out how other smart moms are doing it (or at least trying to) with The Smart Moms at Home Google+ Hangout. Take a lunch (or wine) break and join me and the hottest sports mom [...]

Stupid Unsolicited Parenting Advice

parenting advice

All moms have experienced it.  You are standing in line, on the subway, at a party, eating at a restaurant… doesn’t matter where, but it has happened to each and everyone of us.  A stranger gives you unsolicited parenting advice.  Right, wrong or indifferent – it doesn’t really matter – we didn’t ask for it, [...]

Monster Spray {Free Printable}

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MONSTERS BEWARE! They will be no match for this super strength 100% effective  on ALL types of monsters MONSTER B-GONE spray!

13 Life Hacks for Parents

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Hacks – they are a truly beautiful thing.  They are those small tweaks that can make your life a whole lot easier.  They are those things you see on Pinterest that make you say – “Why didn’t I ever think of that?”

Backyard Water Park

backyard water park

Summer is so much fun!  When it gets super hot what is better than good ole’ fashion fun in the sun!  What kid doesn’t love to run through the sprinklers, swim in the pool and have a water balloon fight??  Well, we are getting a little more creative this year and are going to make a [...]

Amazing things to do with sidewalk chalk!

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I have always loved chalk!  I would love to write on the chalkboard in school, I would even love to clean it for the teacher (maybe I was a little bit of a suck-up, okay!)  Then, the world changed when my kids discovered sidewalk chalk.  My driveway become the biggest chalkboard I have ever seen! [...]